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  • 90% students scored in the range of 700-740

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Why GMAT From GlobEDwise

GlobEDwise is committed to offering the information and training needed to guarantee the greatest GMAT outcomes.

10+ Years of Experience

More than 10+ years of experience in GMAT training

Small & customized batches

Small & Customized batches on the basis of individual needs.

Regular assessment & feedback

Continuous analysis and regular feedback sessions.

Highest success rate

Highest success rate: Many Students scored 700+ in 2021

Certified Trainers

GMAT certified Trainers with 10+ years of online/offline classroom experience

Section wise analysis

Section wise analysis : To gain a better comprehension of every GMAT section

Feedback and evaluation

Continuous analysis and regular feedback sessions.

Unlimited doubt sessions

Scientifically designed advanced methodology to Clear all your doubt

About GMAT .

The Graduate Management Admission Test, also known as the GMAT, is a multiple-choice, computer-based, and computer-adaptive standardized examination that is used internationally for admission to graduate management / business programmes (such as MBA programmes). An excellent GMAT performance is likely to have an immediate, beneficial effect on your business school application.

Exam Structure, Content & Features

The shortest GMAT exam ever at 2 hours, 15 minutes, with only 3 sections, 64 questions, and no writing assessment.

GMAT SectionTime
Quantitative Reasoning45 minutes, 21 questions, assesses problem solving skills
Verbal Reasoning45 minutes, 23 questions, assesses critical reasoning and reading comprehension skills
Data Insights 45 minutes, 20 questions, assesses data literacy skills

What is Data Insights, New inclusion in GMAT-Focus Edition ?

The Data Insights section measures candidates’ ability to analyze and interpret data and apply it to real-world business scenarios. With the GMAT™ Focus Edition’s updated test design, Data Insights leverages Integrated Reasoning and Data Sufficiency question types to measure a newly calibrated digital and data literacy dimension—one of the most relevant and in-demand skills in business today.

It is composed of 20 questions that ask candidates to assess how multiple sources and types of information – including graphic, numeric, and verbal – relate to one another and can be leveraged to make informed decisions. Questions may require math, data analysis, verbal reasoning, or all three. Candidates can use an on-screen calculator while working on this section.

Candidate-Friendly Features

Question Review & EditCandidates can bookmark and review as many questions as they want and can change up to three answers per section.
Select Section OrderCandidates can take the exam in whatever section order they prefer.
Improved Official Score Report Detailed performance insights provided to candidates for free.
Easier Score Sending After candidates know their score (and not before) they can send it to 5 schools for free.

GMAT™ Focus Edition Scores.

Guidelines for understanding and using scores in admissions

The GMAT™ Focus Edition’s Total Score ranges from 205 to 805. If you’re familiar with the previous version of the GMAT, you’ll notice the total score scale is different. All GMAT Focus Edition Total Scores now end in a 5. This change has been made to ensure you and candidates can easily distinguish between a GMAT™ Focus Edition and GMAT™ Exam score.

Total Score

  • GMAT™ Focus Edition: 205–805
  • GMAT™ Exam: 200–800

Additionally, the GMAT™ Focus Edition Total Score is no longer based on just Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning scores. It’s now based on all three sections: Quantitative, Verbal, and Data Insights. Section scores range from 60 to 90, with each section equally weighted towards the Total Score.

Evolving the Score Scale

The score scale for the GMAT™ Focus Edition has been adjusted to reflect changes in the test-taking population, which has become more diverse and global. Over the years, scores have shifted significantly, resulting in an uneven distribution. The updated score scale fixes that, thus allowing schools to better differentiate candidate performance on the exam.

In addition the scoto re scale recalibration, the following key changes distinguish GMAT™ Focus Edition:

Total Score

  • The Total Score is now comprised of all 3 section scores (as mentioned above)
  • The content areas and test constructs have been refined to narrow scope to focus on data literacy, critical thinking, and problem solving skills
  • The scoring algorithm has been updated
  • The new Question Review & Edit feature will have implications for testing behavior

Additionally, the GMAT™ Focus Edition Total Score is no longer based on just Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning scores. It’s now based on all three sections: Quantitative, Verbal, and Data Insights. Section scores range from 60 to 90, with each section equally weighted towards the Total Score.

Key Features of Our Program

    We guarantee Quality Content and Delivery
    Use of latest technology in Training delivery
    90% students scored in the range of 700-740
    Recorded Lectures
    One to one session
    Special emphasis on short tricks in doing GMAT Quantitative
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Frequently Asked Questions

It costs $250 to make an appointment for the GMAT. You can use a credit or debit card, money order, cashier's cheque or personal cheque to pay for your GMAT registration

  • You can take the GMAT up to five times every 12 months.
  • You can't take the GMAT more than once in a 16-day period, or more than eight times total.
  • You will be charged $50 if you reschedule your exam more than seven days prior to your appointment; a $250 fee will apply if you reschedule your exam seven days or less.

If at all possible, schedule a consistent six months of study time. By doing this, you can make sure that you have enough time to focus on your areas of weakness and that you are not just familiar with the ideas assessed on the GMAT but also with the subtleties of the exam and its format. You can take the GMAT up to five times every 12 months.

During the integrated reasoning portion, you will have access to a basic calculator on the screen. In the quantitative portion, a calculator will not be available to you.
Yes, you will receive a double-sided, legal pad-sized, laminated scratch pad to utilise on the GMAT.

Although the average GMAT score is often in the range of 550 to 600, most top 50 business schools require a score of 600 or higher.
At top 10 business schools, average GMAT scores of incoming students are above 700