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Crafting Distinctive Applications

Being accepted into globally recognized universities and receiving scholarships to fund one's education requires a strong profile. To help students craft compe­lling and distinctive applications, the team at Globe­dwise understands the significance of this process. They are committed to providing expert coaching and assistance.

Understanding Unique Talents and Achievements

Our approach to creating profiles involves gaining a profound understanding of each student's unique talents and achiev­ements. We recognize that everyone has a distinct narrative to share, which is why our expert team coord­inates directly with students to uncover their accomplishments in acade­mics, extracu­rricular activ­ities, leade­rship roles, and community engag­ement. We dedicate the necessary time to explore the inter­ests, aspira­tions, and long-term objec­tives of each applicant in order to build a compre­hensive and excep­tional profi­le.

Comprehensive Assessment

In our profile building process, the first step entails condu­cting a compre­hensive asses­sment. We carefully evaluate a student's academic perfor­mance, ensuring that their trans­cripts and test scores align with their aspira­tions. Furthe­rmore, we delve beyond mere numbers and explore their invol­vement in extracu­rricular activ­ities and organiz­ations. Our aim is to identify evidence of leade­rship, dedic­ation, and teamwork. Equally important are community service and volunteer work, which serve as crucial compo­nents in evalu­ating a student's commi­tment to creating a positive impact on socie­ty.


Tailored Advice and Strategies ✈️

After gaining a compre­hensive unders­tanding of the student's backg­round and goals, we offer tailored advice and strat­egies. We assist students in effec­tively highli­ghting their strengths and achiev­ements. This could include recomm­ending addit­ional courses, certifi­cations, or research projects to enhance their academic profile. For those with a specific interest in certain fields or discip­lines, we help them identify and pursue relevant intern­ships, research opportu­nities, or projects that align with their career aspira­tions

Building Confidence and Standing Out ✈️

Our main objective is to give students the confidence they need to stand out from the crowd. Students are more likely to be awarded scholarships at their preferred colleges if they carefully highlight their accomplishments and match their current activities with their long-term objectives.

We are aware that scholarship selection committees seek out candidates who not only achieve academically but also give back to their communities and have a strong sense of the future they want for themselves. To summa­rize, creating a profile is a crucial initial step in pursuing intern­ational education and schola­rships. Our dedic­ation to offering expert guidance and person­alized support guara­ntees that every student begins their journey with a solid base, paving the way for academic and profes­sional achiev­ements.

Reasons To Study Abroad

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Reasons To Study Abroad

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Frequently Asked Questions

Studying abroad presents a myriad of advantages, including valuable industry exposure through internships and work opportunities, in-depth knowledge acquisition, the opportunity to earn an international degree, and the enhancement of career prospects with a globally recognized qualification. A key advantage lies in the hands-on exposure that enables students to comprehend diverse work cultures, foster practical skills, and cultivate a robust professional network. Furthermore, obtaining an international degree not only enhances academic credentials but also showcases a global perspective, greatly expanding career opportunities in our increasingly interconnected world.

There are various countries that are widely regarded as excellent study abroad destinations. Some popular study abroad destinations include the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and France. These countries have prestigious universities and educational institutions, providing a wide variety of academic programs, and an immersive cultural experience for international students. However, the Ideal study-abroad destination is determined by personal preferences, academic ambitions, and the specific field of study.

The exams required to study abroad can vary depending on the country, university, and specific program you are applying to. Some most common exams include the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) for English proficiency, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). For graduate-level programs specifically in the USA, the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) or GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) are often required.To ascertain the precise examinations needed for your desired study abroad destination, it is crucial to conduct thorough research and seek guidance from an experienced study abroad counselor.

Depending on the programme and university, the study abroad application process often begins many months in advance. It is advised that you conduct research and prepare for study abroad at least 6-12 months before your start date. This will give you plenty of time to acquire all of the relevant documentation, such as transcripts and recommendation letters, take any required exams, such as language proficiency tests, and meet application deadlines. Starting early ensures that you have a sufficient amount of time to concentrate on the application process and boosts your chances of getting into your desired study abroad program.

As it involves preparing for an extended stay in a foreign place, packing for study abroad might be difficult. However, with the right direction and resources, the process can be greatly simplified. For instance, Globedwise hosts Pre-Departure sessions that help students get ready for their study abroad journey.These sessions provide valuable knowledge and guidance on various aspects of packing, including what essentials to bring, how to pack efficiently, and tips for managing luggage restrictions. In this session, students can obtain practical insights and receive assistance in making well-informed packing choices. This enables them to pack confidently and ensure they have everything they need for a successful study abroad expedition.