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USA is the most visited place in the world by tourists. The vastness of country, diversity in landscapes and regions including coastlines, Caribbean beaches, desert plains, lakes and mountains and tourist friendly policies make USA as the most preferred tourist destination.

You can experience the man-made as well as natural wonders in USA. On one hand you will love the skyscrapers cities like New York, Washington the capital city, Manhattan, Walt Disney in Orlando, Glamorous casinos in Las Vegas while on other you will enjoy the Natural wonders Yellowstone and Alaska, sunny tropical beaches at Florida, Niagara Falls and Grand Canyon. There are Rocky Mountains and desert plains in Texas and Kansas.

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In USA there are two type of visitor visa : B1/B2 visa

  • B1 visitor visa: Business Visit
  • B2 visitor visa:Tourist, family visit or Medical visit
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You must possess a Valid Passport with a validity of more than 6 months remaining

    • Sponsorship Letter or Invitation letter from person/business you are going to visit.
    • You need to show ties to your home country to prove that you will return to your country of origin
    • Bank statements and Investment which is showing ability to manage living cost
    • Financial stability of their Host and their visa status
    • they must posses Employment or Business documents
    • Purpose of travel should explain
    • Provide Accommodation and Flight bookings (if applicable)
    • Income proof, tax payments and property ownership of applicant
    • Fees receipt and interview confirmation page and DS 160 barcode page (to be generated/downloaded from USA Visa website)
    • A good travel history is an added advantage

For USA visas, interview is mandatory. Once all documents are ready and forms are complete you can book an interview date online. You must carry original documents with you at the interview. During interview, they ask questions about documents and personal circumstances of applicant and purpose of your visit.

These are some of the common requirements and documents. For individual visa categories documents and requirements will differ like

    • For Business Visit, you need to show evidence of business meeting, sponsorship /official invitation letter by Host Company in USA.
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Visa is approved on the same day of the interview.

Generally Multiple Entry visa is granted by Embassy.

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Visa Fees: $ 160 USD
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