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Australia, one of the largest countries, is a continent known for its land diversity. The most popular tourist destinations are Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, Kimberley, Red Center in Northern Territory, Great Ocean Drive. It has rich oceanic wild life as well. It has some of the world’s most popular places like Sydney & Melbourne, Perth, Canberra,the capital city. It is multicultural country with diverse food, practices, life-style, customs, art, heritage etc
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If you are making visit to Australia for the temporary purpose there can be two ways either you can apply for Tourist Visa or Business Visitor Visa.

    • Tourist Visa used for tourism purpose, holidays and recreation and family visit purpose
    • Business Visitor Visa intended for business visits,contract visits, and for professional exam purpose, government visits.
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      • You must possess a valid passport with a validity of minimum 6 months
      • You must also have the notarized copies of all pages
      • Your must have your Birth Certificate.
      • Sponsorship Letter or Invitation letter from person/business you are going to visit.
      • You need to show ties to your home country as an evidence that you will return
      • Finance – Bank statements and Investment showing ability to manage living cost
      • Financial stability of the host and their visa status
      • Your Income proof, tax payments and property ownership
      • Purpose of travel
      • In some cases embassy may request for medical test
      • Accommodation and Flight bookings (if applicable)
      • A good travel history is an added advantage

These are some of the natural requirements and that may vary depending upon visitor type and circumstances e.g. like for Business Visits, you need to provide evidence of business meeting, sponsorship or either you can provide official invitation letter by host based in  Australia. Documents should be a authenticate copy of originals.
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It would take around 4-5 weeks on an average.

In Australia the visa is granted generally for 3 months , 6 months or 12 months either single entry or multiple entry.
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Visa Fees: $ 130 AUD
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