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Travel visa requirements is a mandatory part of planning any international trip. Our widget can help people of all nationalities in order check travel visa requirements to all destinations.
The basic fundamental of the visa policy is non-discrimination, subject of course to underlying considerations of security, reciprocity and national interests.Visa is not at all a matter of right and it is entirely up to the appropriate authority to decide on issue of visa to any foreigner.
Visa like passport and consular services it is service and a fees which is charged for grant of visa in agreement with the rules laid down by the Government. Visa Fees are not refundable once its been charged.

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1. All foreigners who are entering in India they should have a passport or any other internationally recognized travel document and visa.

2. Nepalese or Bhutanese citizen who entering by terrestrial mans must have some Photo Identity Papers or piece of document to be claimed as a proof of their nationality. But in case of entry by air directly from Nepal/Bhutan or from a country other than China, they should have a passportfor that . No visa is recommended. Perhaps, they must have visa if they are traveling from China

3. The candidate applying for visa must ordinarily be within the jurisdiction of the mission/post or unless it is mandatory to make a reference to the Indian mission/post in the country to which the candidate belongs. Additional fee is chargeable for making any sort of reference to the concerned mission/post.

4. UN officials who are traveling on duty or those traveling to India on invitation of Government of India as its guest are granted Gratis Visa. Those granted scholarship under Cultural Exchange Programmes are also granted gratis visa.

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1. Tourist 180 days

2. Transit 15 days

3. Business Up to 5 years

4. Employment 2 years

5. Student 5 years or Period of 3 entries per academic year.

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