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Know Canada


If planning to study in a country like Canada, then you are sure to achieve new heights in career.

Considered as one of the most people friendly, secured, caring and eye-appealing destination for

international students who will experience equality, diversity and respect in every sphere of Canada. As

per the survey of United Nations, Canada is considered to come under top three places in the world to

live freely and attaining highest level of quality education.

Paying more attention towards education and learning is one of the aim of government in Canada that

spends more per capita income on education sector. This encourage international students to study in

Canada with full competence and finding modernized infrastructure in educational institutions.

Canada is bilingual country where much preference is given to two main languages i.e. English and

French. Although English is the main language prevailed in Canada that automatically benefit Indian

students to grab quality education with no stress and burden. Plus, it is ethnically diverse and multi-

cultural that accept immigrants from many countries.


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The world class Canadian Education System runs on equal contribution of public funded and private

school organizations that come under provincial jurisdiction. The education system include community

colleges/ technical institutes, career colleges, language schools, secondary schools, summer camps,

universities and university colleges.

The Provincial Government runs a training framework in Canada which brings an elevated

requirement and consistency in instruction.

There are eight sorts of projects accessible for International understudies: Diploma, Advance

Diploma, Bachelors, Post-Graduate Diploma, Associate degrees, University Transfer, Master

degree Doctorate programs. The project term may fluctuate from 1 year to 4 years based on

chosen system.

Canada has numerous world class establishments scattered all over the country. These can be

classified into:

1. Universities

2. University Colleges

3. Technical Institutes and Colleges

4. Career Colleges

5. Secondary Schools

6. Language Schools

You would like to know

o In 2013, more than 300,000 universal understudies picked Canada!

o In 2014, Shanghai World University Rankings listed 4 out of 100 colleges from


o In 2014, Financial Times Rankings listed 5 out of 100 MBA schools from Canada.

o As per the OECD Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), among

English and French talking nations Canadian understudies perform well in

perusing, education, maths and sciences.
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Getting a thorough understanding of Student Partners Program (SPP) in a Canada is a mandatory thing

for aspiring students willing to study in Canada. SPP is an amalgamation between Citizenship and

Immigration Canada’s (CIC)visa offices which is based out of India and the Association of Canadian

Community Colleges (ACCC).

In order to get high success rate in getting visa of Canada, SPP is a helpful hands for students that boost

the chances to a much extent. Anyone interested to go for the same can contact us at

info@globedwise.com or have the freedom to pay personal visit to the branch office without finding any


Eligibility for SPP program Canada

 Age : it must be up to 25 Years (With genuine work exp.)

 Qualification : it comprisesof 12th – HSC / All Diploma holders (10+3,

10+2+3) / All Bachelor degree / All Master Degree (Academic should be

above 55 % or minimum 2nd class is MUST & max. 4 – 6 backlogs).

 Experience : Maximum up to 5 years with authentic work experience


 IELTS : Minimum band of 6.0 is required (no band less than 5.5) in

Academic module and overall 6.5 band required for PG programs &

Programs related to Dental, Physiotherapy, Dental, Pharmacy ,Nursing –

some colleges require overall 7.0 Band.

 College Fees : CAD $13,000 to $15,000 for 1 year (2 Semester) Tuition

fees. *Depends up on program selected Student must have to pay full 1

Year / 1 Sem tuition fee in advance before applying for VISA.

 Process Time : 15 to 20 days for visa process

If applying under SPP Category:

Proof of funds :  there must be evidence of purchase of a special Guaranteed Investment

Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution such as  Scotia Bank in the

amount of $10,280 CAD so as you are able cover living expenses for first year in Canada and

evidence of payment for first year / semester tuition fees.

If applying under General Category: (NON SPP)

Candidate can fulfil the financial requirement by presenting and submitting a copy of the receipt

for 1st semester / 1st year tuition fee & a copy of an Educational Loan for the same from an

Indian Chartered Bank equivalent to $ 10000 to $ 25000 CAD depends upon program selected

candidate has selected.

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How do we do process?

• We provide expert counselling on Canada study visa process according to required study preference
• Assessment of all academic documents
• Requirement of IELTS Score / Coaching facility at Globedwise
• Financial Aid facility available at Canada
• We help in preparing financial budget, Parents income and other requirement
• We also provide guidance on Education loan.
• Course selection or providing suggestions according to specialization required, preference of study, College or university preference, area preference, internship possibilities, tuition fees structure, there are immense Scholarship possibilities, post study opportunity and job possibilty at the same time.
• Transparency of work in each step of process. You will have complete freedom to choose suitable option for you, you will be getting perfect financial guidelines, direct payment to college from student’s / Parents’ bank account, clear cut guidelines on visa process according to cic.gc.ca
• Years of expertise in getting successful visas, team of experts, ICCRC members, Immigration lawyers
• We are very flexible while designing visa process according to student preference and match with the visa policy to get successful visa approval.
• We also provide post visa information sessions for successful students, Pre-Departure guidelines is also given, accommodation & airport pickup arrangement facilities ori
• In case of your visa is denied by CIC, we still provide the best assistance to get tuition fees & GIC amount back on priority basis.

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Passport (first and last page copy)

• Mark sheet 10th SSC

• Mark sheet of 12th HSC

• Diploma Certificate, Diploma’s Mark sheets

•  Degree Certificate , Bachelor’s Mark sheets,  (It should be Transcript) if required

• Master’s Mark sheets, Degree Certificate & (It should be Transcript) if required

• Provide provisional Degree / Bonafide Certificate from School or College

• IELTS (there must be overall 6.0 band no band less than 5.5 in each section for Diplomas and

6.5 band for PG and Fast-Track Programs)

• Must provide if there is  any Genuine Work Experience letter /Offer Letter required  & with

updated Resume

• Must provide Credit Card Details (for Application Fees payment to College / University)




•Passport (first and last page copy)

• Mark sheet 10th SSC  (It should be Transcript sealed)

• Mark sheet of 12th HSC (It should be Transcript sealed)

• Diploma Certificate, Diploma’s Mark sheets, (It should be Transcript sealed)

•  Degree Certificate , Bachelor’s Mark sheets,  (It should be Transcript sealed)

• Master’s Mark sheets, Degree Certificate & (It should be Transcript sealed)

• Provisional Degree / Bonafide Certificate from School or College is mandatory

• IELTS TRF  it should be sent online copy too

• SOP & Recommendation Letters must be there

• All documents should be official copies from College / University to send courier in sealed envelope by


• Must provide if there is  any Genuine Work Experience letter /Offer Letter required  & with updated


• Must provide Credit Card Details (for Application Fees payment to College / University)
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Selecting a preferred choice of university for study in Canada is quite a dilemma for foreign students.

There are certain steps that make your task easy to select top notch university to learn quality skills:

 Make a check list of top rated Universities in Canada and make a sound comparison among

them on the basis of University rank / Department / Research Assistance & Course work /

Specialization / Scholarship possibilities / Tuition fees / Living cost / Post study work opportunity

and location.

 Refer to individual bodies like webometrics, macleans, usnews, worldtop20, that rank the

Canadian universities.

 Most universities from Canada promote Under Graduate education (bachelor degree

programs). Just a few would offer Master Degree to International Students.

 For taking admission, it is advisable to start preparing prior 7-8 months before respective


  Getting admission from Canadian universities required good score in prerequisite exams


 Getting good IELTS/TOEFL-iBT score is mandatory on the part of aspiring students for

getting admission from universities where GRE / GMAT are optional. University

admissions are very competitive and  GMAT/GRE  score will definetly increases possibility

of getting admission into any renowned Canadian university.

 ELTS score must be >6 overall & TOEFL-iBT should be between 80 – 105 for


• Only few universities named McGill, University of Alberta, UBC, University of

Waterloo and University of Toronto asked for GMAT/GRE.

 Tuition fees range for bachelor and masters programs ( it do Vary program to

program & University to University) it is about $15,348 – 50,140 CAD (for

Bachelor, MS, ME & MBA)

If you dream to study at an elite university in one of the world’s most developed nations, apply to study in Canada. Around 26 universities in Canada feature in the QS World University Rankings® 2015/16.




• University of Toronto
• York University
• University of Guelph
• University of Windsor
• Lakehead University
• Queen’s University
• University of Ottawa
• University of Western Ontario
• University of Waterloo
• University of Ontario Institute of Technology
• Carleton University
• McMaster University
• Brock University
• Laurentian University


British Columbia


• University of British Columbia
• University of Victoria
• Simon Fraser University
• Royal Roads University
• Capilano University
• Vancouver Island University
• University of the Fraser Valley
• Thompson Rivers University




• University of Alberta
• University of Calgary
• University of Lethbridge




• University of Saskatchewan
• University of Regina




• University of Manitoba
• University of Winnipeg




• University of Montreal
• McGill University
• Concordia University
• University of Quebec
• Bishop’s University


Difference between College & University educations





• Public colleges (DLI) allowed to recruit students no one else can
• There is quite easy application process
• Comparable less tuition fees (Range in CAD $ 13 – 15 K only)
• Ideal for Indian students and for vocational programs as well
• Specialization and only job oriented program
• Programs with Industry Licences and certification
• Easy to get job program and most excellent for Industry based job




• Private aswell as public both the universities are allowed
• There is Complex application process.
• Ranges from CAD $ 15 – 50 K
• Research based programs & lengthy curriculum
• Research Assistance ship & paper presentations
• Enter into Masters & Doctorate programs
• Most Excellent for Research based work or academic career.
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Direct tie-ups with universities/colleges in Canada


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• Cracking IELTS exam with good score is essential for students studying in Canada. To make it possible, we provide quality learning IELTS program with detailed understanding of skilled professionals that help you score well. Especially for students special IELTS batches are available. Contact us for DEMO class to join ASAP.
• Practice tests are conducted in order to ensure good bands in IELTS exam.
• Student advisor will be allotted to the candidate once IELTS test date booked for further admission and visa process.
• In order to better understand, parents meeting is conducted in order to provide complete detail regarding budget, documentation, etc.
• There is Direct Tie-up with 38 out of 40 SPP Colleges & Universities and we do have 35 non-SPP institutes in Canada, to help you get the best choice and a world-class education.
• Expert and skilled professionals working with us fully assist you in heading towards right direction by helping to choose appropriate college and provide suitable program according to your profile. Certainly a good choice is made among more than 73 Government Colleges & Universities that are directly represented by GlobEDwise.
• Directors have personally visited almost all colleges and universities of Canada. So selection of institute will be according to set standards and admissibility in equal level of Canadian Colleges.
• Provide information about the Canadian education system, colleges & Universities, Work Permits, GIC process & Immigration Programs.
• There is in-house R&D Centre that is constantly working just to find new student avenues and opportunities.
• A team of senior counsellors who are delivering information on SPP and helping students to be in the right courses, colleges/Universities from Canada.
• We also provide access to our Study material that is special library with more than 600 books available for IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and magazines, and institution videos for province/city specific information, take-away pamphlets and brochures for different university is provided by us.
• Globedwise Directors have personally visited almost all the colleges and universities so as to help us provide exemplary services, flawless guidance and an error-free visa process.
• Globedwise offers some professional Immigration services with the help of the expert team of ICCRC & CRCIC members, Top Immigration law firms.
• Highest level of transparency and minute detail is being maintained here during sessions of Counselling, Admission process, during Tuition fees payment and Visa process.
• We also provide in House research centre which is basically working to find new avenues and opportunities for student fraternity.
• We also provide in-depth preparation to students for Visa interviews.
• We Provide checklist of all documents and guidelines for all procedures with form filling.
• Excellent Post-visa procedure guidance provided by us, once the student receives his visa.

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Investing in business and shaping it to an extent means profit in the future. Then why not investing in Education? Yes, it is quite crucial to invest in education from the point of view of students to achieve remarkable success in future after attaining sound knowledge and skill. For this, investing in aboard education is a smart step for parents to make their aspiring children achieve global success and attain a diverse culture touch.
Every year number of students from India aspire to study abroad in their preferred choice of country in order to make their life more safe and secure after attaining global set of skills. However, getting admission in a renowned university abroad in not a child’s play and requires an experience and professional help from helping hands like Global Education Advisor. Such bodies are considered are real boon for aspiring students who wants to study abroad as they act as guide and assistance for showing a right direction toward quality education abroad.

Global Education Advisor- A Gateway for Success
Sound expertise and years of experience of such overseas education consultants can be really helpful for deserving and aspiring students to pick right university and country. Joining hands with such helpful body has few more advantages that are necessary to look at:
• Where to Go: The first and foremost assistance that one can expect to get from overseas education consultant is complete guide on which country to go for. Be it like Canada, US, Australia, Malaysia or any other based on your preference, educational background and scores, preferred choice of country and university will be suggested along with job prospects.
• How to Go: This include the overall process of heading towards preferred choice of country for students without facing any hassle. Visa process and Immigration process are thoroughly discussed with you in great details in order to avoid any confusion.
• Admission Procedure: Such recognized bodies also assist you with step by step admission process along with requirement of documents and paperwork.
• Job Awareness: One of the crucial help you get is complete knowledge of particular job opportunities in any country along with financial gains attached with it.
• Reliable Approach. With name GlobeEDwise, which is a professionally managed company pioneer in the field of overseas education consultant, you need not to worry about everything from maintaining student’s profile, documentation, Visa process, Admission process and Immigration process.

Seeking help from Global Education Advisors is a right move on the part of students willing to go abroad for further studies. Complication of process has made simple by leaders like GlobEDwise has become an easy deal for students to get settle in any choice of country.

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