Steps to Get Canada Student Permit

Steps to get Canada Student Permit


Canada offers great learning opportunity, not just to natives but also to foreign students as well. Canada offers quality education in a competitive environment. The country that has one of the topmost educational universities and colleges for offering undergraduate to postgraduate and long term and short term course which are being preferred by Indian nationals as well.
If you are the one, who has decided to get admission in a preferred choice of a Canadian university, then getting a Canada student permit or student visa is a first and foremost step to do. The information for the same should be acquired first before actually applying for university in Canada.

How to Apply?

The very first detail you need to grab is to have a look at the ways for applying for Canada student permit. Now, there are actually two ways of applying the same.

First, is through immigration department by physically filling up the visa form attached with necessary documents.

Secondly, online mode of applying for which you need to have debit/ credit card ready in order to make the payment along with the facility of electronically scanning all the required documents. It also advised students for those applying through immigration department manually must look at the total time frame as it takes quite a long time while applying directly through the department.

See if you are Eligible or Not

Looking at the eligibility criteria for Canada student permit is one of the crucial steps on the part of Indian students.

In order to become eligible for a University in Canada,

  • You should have the acceptance letter ready from the recognized university in Canada on the basis of which you can further apply for a student permit. Make sure, the acceptance letter contains complete and correct information about you regarding personal information, date of joining, tuition fee, and duration and university name with a proper stamp.
  • Having a valid passport is one of the necessary proofs that allow you to apply for student’s visa in Canada.
  • Apart from all these, having a good IELTS score that is of English language proficient test is one of the requirements of student permit. You need to give the exam with a high score band that allows you to become eligible for Canada education.

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