Princeton University

Princeton University

Founded in 1746 as the College of New Jersey, Princeton University is the fourth oldest university in the United States. The university has been led by 20 presidents from colonial times to the 21st century. Situated in Elizabeth for one year and Newark for nine, the College of New Jersey moved to Princeton in 1756. In 1896, the College of New Jersey was officially renamed Princeton University. Following its motto quite literally, “In the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity,” the university has educated thousands of individuals who have further dedicated themselves to public service and to serving communities around the world and in the United States. Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university.

Princeton University is one of the US leading universities, and its rankings indicate the same. In 2022, Princeton University’s QS Ranking is 20. It is one of the best global universities and is ranked 16th position by the US News and World Report 2022. As per Times Higher Education 2022 University Ranking, it is ranked in the 7th position. In the National University Ranking by the US News and World Report 2022, it is at the No. 1 position.

The main campus of Princeton University consists of 9.5 million square feet of space in more than 200 buildings on 600 acres. If we talk about campus life, then housing and dining facilities are available to students. There are eating clubs, residential colleges as well as sports facilities too. Coming to academics, Princeton University offers 55 interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate programs, 18 master’s degree programs, and 33 interdisciplinary and 42 doctoral programs.

In 2020-21, the total enrollment of undergraduate students was 5,267 at Princeton University. On the other hand, a total of 2,946 graduate students were enrolled. International undergraduate students enrolled at the university were 638, whereas, international graduate students were 1,257. Princeton University provides financial aid to international students as per their need. Students who qualify for financial aid receive a grant. The university does not offer any academic or athletic merit scholarships.

Princeton University guarantees on-campus housing for all four years. All residential colleges house students from all four class years and a few graduates too. Princeton University residential colleges offer a welcoming environment and various social and intellectual opportunities throughout the academic year. Also, residential colleges organize many out-of-class learning opportunities like shared meals with prominent professors, film series, foreign-language discussion tables, and trips to the theater, opera, and ballet. Apart from this, colleges also organize dances, barbecues, and movie nights.

The list of alumni at Princeton University is quite remarkable. At Princeton, there is a living alumnus of more than 94,000. Princeton University’s notable alumni include 18 winners of the Nobel Prize and 2 former US presidents. Some of the names of the university’s alumni are James Madison (U.S. President), Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO and founder), F. Scott Fitzgerald (Writer), Toni Morrison (Novelist), and Michelle Obama (Former First Lady of the US).  


The University of Princeton was once called the College of New Jersey. It is the fourth-oldest college or university in the U.S. and has the third-largest University Chapel in the world. This school is right up there with the best of them when it comes to the number of championships it has won. About 112 Princeton graduates have competed in the Olympics, which makes the school and its graduates very proud. There are 1,289 permanent and visiting professors at the university, and 27 of them have won the Nobel Prize.

Albert Einstein, a physicist who won the Nobel Prize, has had his work published by Princeton University Press, and the university has had the pleasure of having him as a Guest Lecturer. Another interesting fact is that Charles Pete Conrad graduated from Princeton in 1953 and went on to become a NASA astronaut and commander of the Apollo 12 mission in 1969. Three people on the Supreme Court of the United States went to Princeton. The three people on the Supreme Court right now are Samuel Alito ’72, Sonia Sotomayor ’76, and Elena Kagan ’81.

Princeton University said that its class of 2021 had a placement rate of 95% and a knowledge rate above the median of 68%. The average starting salary for Princeton University graduates is $90,700. More than 500 companies tried to hire the Princeton University class of 2021 for a wide range of jobs in business, science and technology, medicine, engineering, social work, and the law.

All enrolled students at Princeton University can do internships, and the rate of internship participation is expected to stay at 100% right up until the year 2021. In addition to letting people know about jobs that are open, the career development center is a great source of information for students at all levels. Visit Princeton’s website if you want to find an internship or a new job.


Princeton University is in Princeton, New Jersey, and has been around for more than 250 years. It is considered to be one of the best schools in the world. Princeton University is the only private Ivy League school that is also a leader in both research and education. The University of Pennsylvania has a very high rate of research citations per faculty member compared to other Ivy League schools. Many publications that rank institutions have put it outside of the top 10 in the world. QS Rankings, which gives a lot of weight to academic prestige, put it at number 12 in the world for 2021.

Also, US News says it is the eleventh-best country in the world in 2021. People often compare Princeton to schools like Harvard, MIT, and Yale because they are all considered to be top schools. US News said that Harvard and MIT were the best universities in the world. But US News says that Princeton is the best university in the country. Also, US News has said that Princeton is the best national university for the past nine years in a row. Princeton is a top choice for many students because it offers a great education and world-class research facilities. It also has a large career counseling program and a lot of financial aid.

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