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People who don’t change with the times are said to always stay in the same place. I’m really glad to see that Lambton College has not only kept up with the fast-paced changes in our world over the past few years, but has also used the energy released by those changes to its advantage.

Many of these changes have helped us help our students better. In recent months, it has become very important that students have more on-campus and online resources for their mental health and general well-being.

We’ve come up with some creative ways to connect students safely to fun and convenient student life activities that can be done online or on campus.

We added hybrid learning methods to our courses so that students could have more control over their post-secondary education and better meet their own goals and objectives. Lambton College has a program plan that will work for you, whether you just graduated from high school and want to go to a four-year college or you are a hard-working professional who wants to improve your skills as time allows.

In the same way, our university has grown a lot over the last few decades. With the building of the NOVA Chemicals Health & Research Centre and the Cestar Group Athletics & Fitness Complex, our campus has changed a lot. We welcome and value the unique ideas and experiences of each student who chooses to study here.

When I think about how far we’ve come, I realize that the College‘s biggest success has been its ability to adapt to new situations without giving up its core values or the reason it was started in the first place.

Everything we do is still driven by our students’ success, and they continue to inspire us every day.

The Lambton Way is all about making sure that students do well.

This is always the same and will never change.


15 DECEMBER 2020, SARNIA – The provincial government and the federal government both agree that Lambton College is a leader in research and new ideas.

Research Infosource Inc. just released its annual list of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges, and Lambton College is now ranked as the best research college in Ontario and the second best college in all of Canada.

Lambton is at the top of the national rankings in 2018 because it has done well year after year.

Research funding is used every year to make a list and analysis of Canada’s best research universities. According to the most recent numbers, Lambton also has the second most partnerships and donations from industrial partners in the country.

We can’t believe how lucky Lambton College and our partners are to be ranked as Canada‘s number two research institution. Lambton College’s President and CEO, Judith Morris, said, “Our College continues to grow and be successful in this field because of the amazing work of our researchers, instructors, students, and staff in our different programs.”

“It takes real vision and purpose to stay one of the best research universities in the country, and today’s news only confirms our commitment to bringing cutting-edge benefits to our neighborhood, state, and country.”

Innovation is one of the most important things for Lambton College because it is the basis for all of its strategic plans. Vice President of Research and Innovation at Lambton College, Dr. Mehdi Sheikhzadeh, said that the department’s continued success shows that the college is committed to promoting research and innovation across Canada.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, Lambton College has kept its academic leadership by working on a lot of research projects with other groups. Some of these projects include giving hand sanitizer to frontline workers in the Sarnia-Lambton area, doing research to improve the ability to test for COVID-19, making action plans for long-term care facilities, and designing and making 3D printed parts for hospital equipment.

Also, the College recognizes that innovation has been a key part of creating and launching many projects over the past year that have helped teaching and learning, the way the institution works, the student experience, and the local community. Lambton Innovation Week will be held for the first time by the College of Lambton to celebrate its long-term success and draw attention to its ongoing innovations. Starting on March 8, 2021, students, teachers, researchers, and other College members will show off creative projects they worked on together for a full week.

Lambton was also named the Silver winner of Colleges and Institutes Canada‘s Applied Research and Innovation Excellence Award earlier this year (CICan). In the last five years, Lambton College’s research has won it six CICan awards.

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