United States of America (USA) is one of the most versatile countries with 42.4 million immigrants (legal and illegal) as per US census. This accounts for more than 13% of US population. In USA, if you are a family member of permanent residents you can apply under immediate family member’s category. Most people receive Greencard through sponsorship of relatives or employers. The process and time duration depends upon category under which you are applying.

US have one of the complex visa rules. There are 185 different types of Visa with two main categories:

  • Immigrant Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Visa

H1B Visa


If you are a skilled person looking for work in USA on temporary basis then you can apply for H1B employment visa. There is quota for yearly intake under H1B visa.



Your visa is filed by a company who is interested in hiring you in US.

If the petition is approved, your employer will receive I-797.
H1B is designed for specialty occupations like information technology, computer software etc.
You must have a Bachelor’s Degree in specific specialty for which you are employed.
Once I-797 is there, you have to fill the DS 160, pay visa fees and schedule interview date with your respective embassy.
For interview, you need to carry basic documents like university degrees, certificates or any other special achievement evidence, Original letters from current and previous employers.
If you are already having H1B visa and are applying then payslips from current company, bank statement covering 12 months employment in USA.
You have to provide Name and Contact information of your employment managers, federal tax forms and resume.
You need to be very clear about the company, your profile, interview taken by company, expected job roles, terms of contracts.
You receive the visa for one, two or three year which is further renewable.
Your spouse can apply for dependent visa called H4.




After receiving I-797, it takes around 15-40 days from the day of interview.



Visa Type                                                                                            Fees
General $ 190 USD
Additional fees (case to case) $ 2,250 USD
With Dependent H-4

EB5 Visa


You can apply for EB5 visa, if you are an investor. This visa leads to Green Card in United States of America.
To qualify for EB -5 program there are some basic criteria to be taken into consideration:




You have to invest in new enterprise or expand by investment leading to 40 % increase in net worth.
Your commercial enterprise can be any of the following for example profit organization, Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or business trust, Holding company, Joint venture,
You should create at least 10 jobs for US workers within 2 years.
You need to invest minimum USD $ 1 million or USD $ 500,000 for target employment area. Targeted employment area is rural or unemployed at least 150 percent at time of investment.
Investment can be cash, inventory, tangible property, cash equivalents, secured Indebtedness, equipment, etc.
For starting the processing EB 5 applicant needs to locate the project keeping in mind the perquisites including accredited income requirement.
EB 5 applicant then needs to invests the money in project and apply for I 526 petition is filed by attorney on approval of I 526 petition further process is carried out in case of denial investment amount is refunded. I-526 show evidence of investments.
If you are applying from outside of USA you need to File form DSS 230 and apply for visa at respective embassy to get conditional status for 2 years.
During two year conditional period you should be present and should not remain outside USA for more than one year.
Your status is converted to Green Card holder when I-829 petition is confirmed.
You can apply for your spouse and dependent visa as well.



On an average 10-18 months for Petition and further time for visa application.



Visa Fees

Visa Type Fees
Immigrant Greencard $ 165 USD
I-526 $ 345 USD