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United Kingdom (US) is located in the Northern Europe and is 8th most visited country in the world. It consists of a number of countries like England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. United Kingdom provodes wide range of holiday options to visitors.

It has rich cultural heritage and each country has its own unique and distinct history with most visited historical sites across the world, by millions of people every year. United Kingdom has neighbouring countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherland and Norway, Germany.

United Kingdom is the 8th biggest tourist destination there are millions of people visiting UK everyyear. The country’s supreme place to visit is London. London is quite diverse city with world’s most beautiful sights, there are so many amazing attractions. The force of nature such as winds, seas and ice have combined to give beautiful land scape . There are so many majestic hills, mountains, farmland, exquisite lakes to explore.
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United Kingdom has long list for various types of Visitor Visa including:

    • General Visitor
    • Marriage Visitor
    • Sport Visitor
    • Parent of Child at School
    • Student Visitor
    • Business Visitor
    • Family Visitor
    • Child Visitor
    • Marriage Visitor
    • Entertainer Visitor
    • Sport Visitor
    • Parent of Child at School
    • Student Visitor
    • Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor
    • Prospective Entrepreneur Visitor
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You may request for single-entry or multi-entry visa but it depends on Embassy to honour / rejects your request.

    • You must possess a Valid Passport with a validity of at least 6 months
    • You must possess a Birth Certificate
    • Sponsorship Letter / Invitation letter/Travel Itinerary
    • You need to show ties to your home country as an evidence that you will return
    • You must produce Bank statements and Investment showing ability to manage living cost
    • Financial stability of the Host and their visa status
    • Employment and certain Business documents is mandatory
    • Must share his purpose of travel and travel plane
    • Accommodation and Flight bookings if needed
    • Income Proof, tax payments and property ownership of applicant
    • A good travel history is an added advantage

Application for United Kingdom visitor visa is online. On completing the form you need to select submission date and need to submit complete application with visa fees. Depending upon the visitor type, document will vary besides the basic requirements.



UK is one of the the most preferred immigration destination for people wishing to live and work there. However from 2010 UK government has made rows of changes in the immgration laws in order to restrict immigration.

Tier 1 Visa

This type of visa is for high value migrants who are coming from outside EEA ans encloses entry of entreprenuer, investor  and those very few eminent people.

Tier 2 Visa

This type of visa is for ‘skilled workers’ who are coming from outside EEA provided with the job offer in the UK. It also includes those  skilled workers who are being transferred  to UK by an international company.

Tier 3 Visa

This category was designed for low-skilled workers filling specific temporary labour shortages. However government is not issuing any visa under this scheme so one can not issue visa under Tier 3.

Tier 4 Visa

This type is for students above 16  from outside the EEA who is aspiring for higher education in the UK

Tier 5 visa

This type hass six sub-tiers of temporary worker which includes creative and sporting, and the youth mobility scheme, charity  which enables about 55,000 young people every year to work in the UK on working holidays.

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Family Migration

If you already hold a visa then you are eligible to bring in your spouse and children to UK. In most cases, your spouse and children are allowed to study and work in UK. If they have stayed in UK with you for 5 years, you can also apply for their permanent residency.If you are either citizen or permanent resident of UK then you are eligible to apply for this your family visa.

  • Family Dependent : In order to issue UK Family Dependent visa one has to make application 3 months prior to their arrival. Usually the decision which is related to visa is provided within three weeks from the day of applications. There are so many online sites where one can look for visa processing time in their country. With this visa, one can stay up to 6 months in the UK. Once 6 months are completed, the visa holder can also extend and update his visa for more period. This visa can last up to 10 years. The cost of the visa depends on the country from which you’re applying and the duration for which you are going to stay


  • Partner Visa : A visa is basically a conditional authority that gives non-citizen clearance  for a person who is not the citizen of the country. Every country attaches their own conditions in the visa. The visa is granted by officials of immigration of the arrival countries. There are so many types of visa that are issued depending on the circumstances of the candidate i\who is visiting another country. The visa holder has to follow all the rules and constraint of the country they’re visiting. A visa can be revoked in some emergency situations by the officials of the country.

    If you are married or registered partner and want to invite your spouse to UK, you can apply for their visa. Before the application of this visa, the unmarried couple or civil partner has to undergo a registration phase. This registration is mandated by the law

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It takes around 3-4 weeks on an average

Embassy may provide single-multi entry visa depending upon your circumstances and Embassy. The visa may be granted for from 6 months up to 10 years.
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Visa Fees : £ 83 GBP
Multiple Visa Fees: £ 300 GBP to £ 737 GBP
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