Denmark is Scandinavian country which is smallest at the same time southerly and most low lying . It’s connected to nearby Sweden through the Oresund bridge. Copenhagen, its capital, is home to royal palaces and colorful Nyman harbor, plus the Tivoli amusement park and the iconic “Little Mermaid” statue. Denmark has rich cultural and artistic heritage. They are known for relaxed atmosphere smooth life-style.

Besides being happiest country in the world what people love about Denmark is there culture and there style. It is the fact that almost 80 % Danes can speak in english making Denmark interactive place to visit. In Denmark there are dynamic cities, beautiful beaches to visit and one who is nature love there is lot to explore from the month of November to March the snow falls, winds blow making the place more fancy for the people.

Although Denmark is surrounded by the ocean so one can find plenty of Sea food to eat with different variety easily, one can also find Asian, Turkish , Sushi , French cuisine in Denmark.

Danish architecture is modern but besides that the old castles, mansion are still well preserved which is around 400 years old. Denmark is incredible place to explore.


There are some precise rules regarding visa’s for business visits, tourist visits , private visits as well as cultural visits.

Business visas for Denmark:

You can acquire a visa in affiliated with business visit provided that there is should be truly exixting commercial relationship between your own company and the company you wish to visit in Denmark. If you are subject to work permit regulations, you will not be granted a business visa.

The Immigration Service will issue you with a business visa if you able to prove that you are commercially active and wish to visit to Denmark for any of the following activities just like trade, conference, seminar,business deal  inspecting machines or products before purchasing them from a Danish company.

You need to provide the following documents in order to acquire a business visa:

  • Business proof of registration or permit must be issued by the relevant authorities in your home country.
  • Proof of your education, proof of previous business dealings in the same field, proof of the financial resources of your company or any other documentation of your background
  • If you are visiting in a group then the application need to include description of each participant role through out the visit.
  • affirmation of your visit from the company which is in Denmark



Cultural visits: You can also apply for a visa in connection with cultural or scientific events such as or sporting events. You must be able to provide evidence of the purpose of your visit.

Private and tourist visits: Countries that have distinguished visa requirements to enter Denmark. It can be broadly classified into three different categories an asylum group, an immigration group and a tourist group. You will naturally fall into one of these groups according to your nationality. Each one of these groups has different rules with regards to visas, you should check in advance which category your country falls into.

  • The asylum group:Citizens from those countries fall in this group if they are spouses/registered partners/cohabiting partners, children under the age of 18 or parents of the person living in Denmark.
  • The immigration group:This category is again divided into two sub-groups. The first group enlist all the countries whose citizens wants to be in a personal or familial relationship with the person who is living in Denmark in order to acquire visa. They will need to provide sufficient proof for their relationship during their application. The other group is for those citizens of countries who are generally granted a visa irrrespective of who they are visiting in Denmark, without supply any evidence for that.
  • The tourist group:Citizens of those countries fall in this group who has come with objective of tourist-related visits. It is not important for any applicant to have any sort of connection whatsoever to anybody living in Denmark.
  • Firstly, fill it completely and with sincerity. You can also fill the Denmark Schengen Visa application form electronically and then print a hard-copy.
  • 2 photos which must be attached; the photo must be in passport type  format which need to be recent one and whole-face capture besides light background.
  • You need passport and copies of your previous visas and which must be valid for at least 3 months beyond return date and are required.
  • Your passport must contain at least two blank pages.
  • A cover letter which should state the purpose of visit to Denmark and outline of travel
  • Dates and flight numbers mentioned with entry and exit from Denmark
  • Hotel Reservation for the wntire duration of the stay in Denmark.
  • you must carry the proof of civic status comprises of marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card if applicable*
  • Proof of adequate financial means for the period of stay in Denmark

Decision regarding visa application time generally takes 15 days but sometime due to extended enquiries may take place of around 30 days but further documentation it may take up to 60 days. Application time is also counted from time when the admissible application is being submitted at the diplomatic mission. The profuse majority of visa application is are processed and decided by the Danish diplomatic mission abroad. These cases will be decided the within few days.