Can I stay in Canada after my study permit expires, if I have applied for a new permit?

Yes. You may remain in Canada as a temporary resident until CIC makes a decision on your new permit application, as long as your application to extend was submitted prior to the expiry of your authorized stay.
If the new application was submitted to renew your study permit:
– You may stay in Canada and continue studying as per the conditions of your original study permit until CIC decides on your application.
If the new application was submitted for a different type of temporary resident status (e.g., work permit):
– On the expiry of your study permit you must stop any of the activities stated in the original study permit once the permit expires. For example, you may have come to Canada as a student and then applied for a work permit. If so, you must stop studying once your study permit expires. After that, you cannot work or study until you get a new permit.

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