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Škofja Loka, Szlovénia

Why study in Slovenia?

Do you want to study in Slovenia? If you go to college in Slovenia, you can enjoy the Alps and Mediterranean Sea. Slovenia has been a part of the European Union since 2004. It is also a part of both the Eurozone and the Schengen Area. Slovenia is an excellent option for college students who want to study and travel in Europe. Full-time public school students don’t pay tuition, while part-time and private school students do. universities pay less for tuition.

Slovenia is in the middle of Europe, or roughly in the middle of the continent. It is surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. By plane, you can fly from Ljubljana, Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Venice, Trieste, or Zagreb.

Transportation that doesn’t cost much

Slovenia has a surprising low cost of getting around. If you ask the right questions and get local recommendations, you can travel cheaply in Slovenia. Since bus and train connections aren’t always great, carpooling is prevalent in Slovenia. People publish road trip information on a central website. If you want to join them, it will only cost you a small amount of money to do so.

Small student groups in lectures

The curriculum is made to meet the needs of students from other countries. Your teachers will always give you extra time, and they have lower expectations for international pupils. As was already said, classes are taught in English, and there are fewer international students in each group. Because of this, professors and teaching assistants can spend more time with each student one-on-one. Slovenia has a long and eventful history, which may explain why its art scene is so lively. Many students pick Slovenian schools to learn European languages, history, arts, and humanities. The fact that the University of Ljubljana has its art gallery is even more impressive. Because of its rich cultural history, Slovenia is a great place to study international relations, foreign policy, and language arts. Students who wish to become doctors or dentists are encouraged to study science and technology in Slovenia.

Wonderful Climate

From one season to the next, the weather in Slovenia changes a lot. Also, the country is a place where three different climate influences meet. Mountains are subtropical, shoreline is sub-Mediterranean, and lowlands are continental. People know that the weather in the highlands is very harsh. July averages 20°C and January averages 0°C. Before you leave the house, you should check the weather report so that you can get ready for the conditions.

Get out and about

We’ve gathered the most crucial information to make your journey to Slovenia smooth and stress-free. Even if you don’t speak Slovene, travelling throughout Slovenia is easy. Most of the time, people who are helping to plan any part of your trip will speak English well. A big chunk of the population can also speak one or more other languages well. There are many things you can do to make sure you have as little stress as possible.

Slovenes write, paint, cook, dance, create wine, perform music, direct, act, blog, or engrave. Anything that moves them becomes art.. Slovenian artists are talented in a variety of traditional arts and crafts. They are also good at many modern forms of art that people of all ages can enjoy. People from all around flock to the city’s many cultural events, notably the summer festivals. Slovene people are proud of their country’s literary and artistic past. France Preeren was a famous Slovenian poet known for writing Zdravljica, the Slovenian national anthem. It would be wrong of us not to give him credit. The national anthem is a toast to everyone with a decent heart and a plea for world peace.

Sports are fun to watch.

Since independence, one of Slovenia’s key priorities has been to organise and legalise sports. The Slovenian Olympic Committee, founded in 1991, joined the Slovenian Sports Association, founded in 1945. It was 1994 when this happened. Slovenian athletes are currently competing in some of the world’s finest sports events. The most popular and successful sports are Alpine and Nordic skiing, wild-water kayaking and canoeing, sculling, cycling, and skydiving. In the Middle Ages, people in Slovenia did early sports. All of these things happened on the land that is now Slovenia. Janez Vajkard Valvasor wrote about sailing, speleology, fishing, hunting, climbing, and shooting. His portrayal of Bloke’s skiers is the first in Central Europe.

Diverse Language

The Slovenian language has always been given a prominent place throughout Slovenia’s history. It seems like an essential part of what makes the country what it is. Even though many different languages have influenced it, that has kept some of its language features. The most obvious of these is the old dual form. This is the grammatical number for two people or things used in all forms of the English language.

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