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Why study in Poland?

Want to study in Poland? In 2007, it became a member of the Schengen Area. As a direct consequence of this, Poland’s borders with Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania no longer conduct passport inspections. Because of this, it is possible for those who have been granted access to the Schengen Area to move freely between the 24 nations that make up the Schengen Area without being subject to internal land or sea border controls. These countries range from Portugal to Poland and Greece to Finland.

Poland has a unique position within the European Union as a result of its geographical location. The border that Poland had established along the Bug river eventually became the eastern boundary of the EU. Poland has a crucial position with regard to both the larger geographical and geopolitical picture. Poland is expected to receive an increasing amount of foreign investment not just from Western Europe but also from the United States and Asia. The geographic position of Poland makes the tasks related to logistics much simpler, and current projections predict that the number of immigrants coming to the nation will continue to rise.

Higher education institutions in Poland take part in foreign student exchange programs, as well as participate in bilateral agreements and specific exchange programs conducted by individual schools. All of these different activities contribute to the growth of connections between Polish and international institutions of higher education. The number of Polish higher education institutions that have been bestowed with an Erasmus University Charter is getting close to 200, and the mobility of Polish students is increasing at a fast rate. 1. SO MANY OPTIONS

Study in Poland, there are more than 1.2 million students attending one of the over 380 institutions in the country. What’s even more noteworthy is that the majority of the courses are presented in both Polish and English; in addition to this, the institution is responsible for the instruction of hundreds of other languages. There are a lot of schools for the arts in addition to faculties of humanities and universities of technology, and they are all outfitted with perfect labs and supercomputers.

1. Continue your education in the center of Europe

You can get a degree after study in Poland that will make it possible for you to work for the biggest firms in Europe and even some of the best in the world. Poland is the location to do it. While you are a student in Poland, you have access to the academic programmes offered by the European Union and are able to complete internships or traineeships in other countries. This is just one of the many advantages that the country offers. Other advantages include the fact that its medical schools are recognised in the United States. There is practically no other area in the globe where you may get such a head start on your career by earning degrees of such high quality that they are recognised all around the world. Do not overlook the fact that Poland has an advantageous geographic position, which affords the country an outstanding transit link to the whole of the European Union and places it within easy reach.

2. Make your home in a city that is teeming with people of a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Study in Wroclaw, the European Capital of Culture, artistic Kraków, trendy Warsaw, multicultural Lublin, scholarly Pozna, or stunning Gdask on the seashore. Every city offers a little bit for everyone, from bars catering to students to vegan eateries and art galleries, and everything in between. Explore the Wawel Castle in Krakow, go skiing in the Tatra Mountains, or sail in the Masurian Lake District during the winter months. Be prepared to meet and mingle with the audience at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw. During the summer, you may go sailing in the Masurian Lake District.

3. Perfect for the tight budget of a student

If you have always wanted to broaden your horizons by studying in another country and gaining independence at the same time, Study in Poland is the perfect destination for a student on a limited budget. The cost of a student’s room in the dormitory begins at €60 a month, admission to the movie theatre begins at €2.50, and the cost of lunch in the cafeteria begins at €2. It should come as no surprise that Warsaw is ranked as the most reasonably priced student city in Europe by the QS Best Student Cities ranking for 2016. Find out more about it here.

4. Excellent opportunities for career Development 

Spending time in school in Poland is just the beginning. A longer stay might be beneficial for those who wish to launch their own company or get a fantastic position in an organisation with an international presence. Graduates from Polish universities are highly sought after by international businesses operating in Poland. Your company will get assistance and be nurtured by members of the community known as Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsibiorczoci, which translates to “Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship.” Additionally, Technology Parks are at your disposal. In addition, the Warsaw Innovation week is a fantastic centre that serves as a focal point for the introduction of new businesses to potential international investors.

5. Costs of Living That Are Economical

The cost of living is another issue that should not be overlooked when selecting a country in which to pursue higher education abroad, and the cost of living in Europe is rather expensive. Poland, on the other hand, provides affordable living expenses without lowering its quality or its standards in any way. The monthly rent and the cost of tickets to travel are lower than average. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding an apartment to rent for anywhere between 100 and 200 euros per month. Tickets for public transportation are also offered at low prices. Therefore, there is another another important reason to consider studying in Poland and gaining exposure to a European nation without blowing your whole student budget.

6. Student Life

Students from other countries fall head over heels in love with Poland’s vibrant student culture, making it one of the most popular destinations for higher education. The education system of the nation places a primary emphasis on hands-on training and the development of creative abilities; nonetheless, it makes it a point to provide students opportunities to experience the country’s vibrant cities, cosmopolitan atmospheres, and cultural celebrations throughout the year. You may immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife, which includes parties, music festivals, and other activities. There is a wide variety of exciting venues to hang out with friends around the nation, including taverns, nightclubs, restaurants, and wine bars. There is also a festival called Juvenilia that is well known all over the world. This festival is celebrated with costumes, concerts, and a wide variety of other enjoyable activities, and it is only held for the students and young people of the nation.

7. Hospitality

One of the most significant facets of Polish culture is its emphasis on hospitality, and its citizens are known for their infectious joy and friendliness, making them easy to strike up conversations with. Polish folks never miss a chance to invite someone out to dinner or to provide them with an in-depth tour of the city in which they are currently located. It is also one of the finest reasons to study in Poland since the locals are kind and vibrant people who can assist you in adjusting to a new environment and make you feel as if you have always belonged there!

8. The Expanding Educational Industry

The educational system as a whole has seen a great expansion over the last several years, and as a result, the universities now provide foreign students with access to a diverse selection of classes taught in English. The educational system has benefited from the consistent investment efforts of the national government. The first educational establishments in Poland date back to 1364, and now they are counted among the world’s most prestigious educational institutions. The educational sector of Poland is continually expanding, which results in an abundance of research possibilities being made available to students from all over the globe. This is another essential component of the top reasons to pursue higher education in Poland. In addition, Poland has made investments in over 2,000 scientific centres, all of which have been brought up to date in order to provide students with opportunities to develop their practical skills. Their pupils have benefited tremendously from the unorthodox learning programmes that they have invested in, which has allowed them to acquire the skills necessary for the current day.

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