Study in Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia

Why study in Georgia?

Georgia is a wonderful option to study abroad if you want to escape crowds. Georgia’s education system improves every year, attracting more international students. Business administration, travel and tourism, marketing and public relations, computer science, and social science are popular majors.

Specialized medical colleges offer unique opportunities to international students. When they graduate, students from these colleges will have little trouble finding health care careers. Candidates can learn in Russian or English, but must pass a four-part test (biology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry).

1. Food

A semester in Georgia may make your freshman 15 look easy, but it’s worth it. Fresh ingredients give traditional Georgian meal flavour, colour, and weight. They keep coming back for more because of this and because everyone who eats it wants more. As a student in Georgia, you will get to see the stairs. The waiters just keep piling the dishes higher and higher until they start to stack them.

2. Language

So, it’s possible that you haven’t taken any Georgian classes yet in college. If that’s the case, don’t worry. Many Georgians, especially in places where most students dwell, speak English to communicate with foreigners. You won’t have any trouble making friends with the people who live there. If you want to seem cooler there, consider learning Russian.

3. The Georgians’ warm welcome

People from Georgia are known for their warm hospitality, which is a big part of their culture. Most Georgians are friendly and will feed visitors, serve them wine, and play polyphonic and folk music.. I can say with confidence that I’ve never met a Georgian who didn’t sing for me more than once. Less fighting would occur if people in other countries were friendlier. Hospitality is a very important thing to think about when choosing a place to study abroad. Since you’ll be far from home, it’s crucial to find a host family or other nice people in the area.

4. The situation

Most Western students don’t study about Georgia’s history, which includes being a stop on old trade routes between Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Soviet Union, unless they specialize in it. Georgia’s history is long, action-packed, and intense; you should study about it.

5. Different regions have different topography, landscapes, and climates.

Even though most students opt to study in Tbilisi, it’s easy to explore other parts of the country.. You can visit a Black Sea town or hike in the Kazbegi Mountains. There are a lot of things to see.

6. Be safe

Georgia is safe and hospitable for travellers who follow common sense safety regulations. When travelling or living in a city, you should get into these habits. (It’s important to note that this article doesn’t talk about territories that broke away from their country.)My recent vacation made me glad because I never heard somebody call a cat, unlike in Rome. Never even once

7. Value for money

At the moment, one US dollar is worth 2.17 Georgian laris. Not only is the exchange rate great, but the cost of living is also low. Tbilisi cab rides cost roughly 5 lari, and tourist fraud is rare.

8. Cultural Fusion

Georgia is at the crossroads of Eastern Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East. It had to adapt to different conquering civilizations during battles, therefore its food, culture, architecture, and art are diverse. All of these things, along with the things that make Georgia itself unique, come together to make Georgia a traveller’s dream destination. The best in every way possible.

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