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Why Study In Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic, which can be found in the middle of Europe, is often regarded as one of the most attractive nations on the continent due to its one-of-a-kind allure and personality, as well as its architectural treasures and rolling hilltop scenery. It should come as no surprise that the Czech Republic has developed into a prominent educational destination, drawing in thousands of students from other countries each and every year.

The nation also has a well-deserved stellar reputation in the fields of academics and research. The Czech Republic is home to a number of institutions that are ranked among the best in the world and are included in the most recent edition of the QS World University Rankings as well as the QS EECA University Rankings 2021. (a dedicated ranking of top universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia).

Top Universities had a conversation with four foreign students studying in the Czech Republic to learn more about their time at university and to find out what they think makes the Czech Republic a unique destination to pursue higher education.

1. Positioning

Because of its central location in Europe, the Czech Republic provides its citizens with excellent opportunities to travel around the rest of the continent with relative ease. If you choose to study in the Czech Republic, in addition to the countries that are immediately next to it, such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland, you will also be within a few hours’ travel time of either Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, or Slovenia. Additionally, the Schengen Area, which is comprised of 26 European nations and has a unified visa regime, makes it far simpler to travel between countries.

2. Safety

The Global Peace Index ranks the Czech Republic as one of the top 10 safest nations in the world. This puts the Czech Republic in good company. In general, the Czech Republic is a safe place to visit and reside for people of all ages, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.

3. A more affordable cost of living

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is much lower than that in most other European nations, particularly when compared with that in the United Kingdom, France, or Germany. The day-to-day expenditures, which include everything from food and lodging to public transportation and personal spending, are at a level that is fair and are, on average, cheaper than in other parts of Western Europe. According to Numeo’s research, the monthly costs of living for an individual in the Czech Republic’s capital city, other than the cost of rent, come to an average of 619 USD. In 2018, Prague has the 132nd highest cost of living index among all the cities in Europe. Also, as a student, you may enjoy several

4. An educational system of a high standard

Education and research in the Czech Republic have a lengthy tradition that dates back to the 14th century. Charles University in Prague was established in 1348, making it the oldest educational institution in the Central European region. Charles University now holds the 291st spot in the QS World University Rankings 2019 and is followed by seven other institutions in the Czech Republic that have also placed in the Top 1000.

5. A wide variety of academic programmes from which to choose

Students have their pick of a diverse selection of exciting and novel classes, as well as well-established and time-honored areas of concentration, at the country’s higher education institutions. In addition to the regular Undergraduate and Masters programmes, many students elect to travel to the Czech Republic to pursue their PhD programme there. Other students choose to come for a short time experience by participating in an exchange programme, internship, or summer school.

6. The community of academics from across the world

Higher education institutions in the Czech Republic are offering a growing number of study programmes and courses that are taught in other languages, particularly the English language. In 2018, there were more than 45,000 international students attending universities and colleges in the Czech Republic. If you are an international student interested in studying in the Czech Republic, you have the option of enrolling in one of the traditional Czech universities, each of which offers a variety of specialised majors that are taught in English. Additionally, international students are eligible for benefits and discounts not only in the Czech Republic but also throughout the rest of the European Union.

7. An enthralling history and cultural legacy to explore

Because of its geographic position, the Czech Republic lies at the crossroads of a great number of different cultural traditions and historical ancestries. It is possible to uncover historical markers of Germanic, Slavic, and Jewish populations all throughout the nation; these groups have had an impact on the way of life and culture that is prevalent now in Central Europe. You will have the opportunity to visit numerous beautiful and enjoyable locations, including 14 sites that are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, regardless of whether you are in the middle of Prague or out in the Czech countryside.

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