University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba

Students, teachers, staff, alumni, donors, and community partners all work together to make the University of Michigan a vibrant and active campus community.

People from more than 140,000 different countries have graduated from the university.

In the last ten years, 26 U of M doctoral students were given Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, and 99 U of M undergraduates were given the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship.

The Engineering Access Program has given degrees to more than 125 Indigenous engineers in Canada.

In 2018, more than 450 Indigenous students graduated from the University. To honor their achievements, the school held its 29th annual Graduation Pow Wow.


The University of Manitoba was the first university in Western Canada. The university is the largest and only one in the country that puts a lot of emphasis on research. About 100 degrees, diplomas, and qualifications are available to students.

Some of the things that the award-winning faculty and students study are infectious diseases, the history of Canada, materials technology, public engineering, population and community welfare, sustainable agriculture, and northern studies. More than ever before, the researchers work across traditional academic lines and share their knowledge, experience, and excitement for exploration.

The government pays for the University of Manitoba, which is open to both men and women and has no religious affiliation. Universities also belong to the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.

About 30,000 students, 8,700 faculty and staff, and 190,000 alumni make up the university’s population. About a quarter of the students already there come from more than 104 different countries.


More than 19,000 people who got their business degrees from the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business work as top managers for some of the world’s best-known companies. 90% of BComm graduates and 85% of MBA graduates will have full-time jobs in 2020. The amount that MBA graduates could earn went up by 40%. Most people sign up for the Asper MBA program because they want to make more money, have more job options, and learn expert-level knowledge and management skills in their chosen field.

Seventy-four percent of MBA graduates moved up in their careers, and 85 percent were working within six months of getting their degree. As many as 98 percent of MBA graduates stayed in Canada, and 83 percent of them moved to Winnipeg. Since they graduated, the average first-year salary for M.Finance graduates has gone up by 33%.


The University of Manitoba (U of M), which is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a public research university. It began in the year 1877. In the Shanghai Ranking of World’s Best Universities, Manitoba University will stay between the 301st and 400th spots from 2017 to 2020. QS (Top universities) says that the school fell from 501st to 500th place in 2017 to 601st to 650th place in 2019. Still, the university has stayed at number 601-650 on QS’s list of the best universities in the world since 2019.

Times Higher Education (THE) has moved the University of Michigan up in its annual list of the best universities in the world, from number 401-500 in 2019 to number 351-400 in 2021. A rise of 100 points is a big change. It shows how well the university did in areas like teaching, research, and citation (research influence) (research influence). In US News & World Report’s annual ranking of universities around the world, it will be ranked 390th in 2021 and 388th in 2020.

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