Terms & Conditions

GlobEDwise fully abides by certain terms and conditions, that we request all the users to read it carefully before actually accessing other parts of the site. It is necessary to read, understand and abide to our terms and conditions to avail all the benefits of the website related to accessing information, availing services or any guidance or help. In fact, those users who decline to abide by our certain terms and conditions are actually not allowed to use several components of the site.

The prior terms and conditions of GlobEDwise are subject to go change or go under modification any point of time without giving any prior notice or previous indication to users. Therefore, it is recommended from our side to frequently visit terms and conditions section of the site and go through to it carefully to understand the recent changes or any sort of modification.


Registering at the Website


Registering with our site is quite a simple process as all you need to do is fill in necessary personal information from your side that will be kept under complete protection. However, whatever information you submit to us should be complete and correct without any mistake or missing detail. Even in case of any change in information, you will also be guided regarding the same and allowed to make certain changes in the portal in a hassle-free manner.

In terms of registering with our side, you are in a way abide by our complete terms and conditions.

For users who register with GlobEDwise-EB-5 are actually agreeing to follow points:

  • It is actually mandatory on your part to enter correct and complete personal information from your side at times of registering with us. This is generally needed to contact you via email or through SMS and also through a direct call in case of emergency circumstances or sharing any important information.
  • While having correct personal details from your side with us, we will be able to send promotional e-mails or SMS.
  • Once you register with us, you will receive an access code along with User ID password. It is necessary for you to change the password as per your personal preference second time you log on the website. Changing password after 2nd log in time is generally needed to fully secure your account containing precious personal details of yours.
  • We also recommend you not to share your User ID and Password with any outside or a third party for the complete protection of your personally identifiable information. It is also suggested you to fully log out of the website when done accessing it.




Right to Use Information of the Website

  • We reserve the right to fully suspend or completely terminate the account of users who have provided wrong, incomplete or untrue information. In case of receiving misleading information from your side, your account will be terminated with an immediate effect.
  • The information prevailed on the site of GlobEDwise-EB-5 is just for the usage of personal as well as non-commercial use only. Apart from this, none of the information here is allowed to reproduced, copied, modified, distributed, downloaded, photocopied, republished or transferred.




  • While using our website, you might see various third-party links or hyperlinks appear in the middle of the content. Such links are just for additional information only and are not controlled from our side. Thus, we do not have any control over third-party links and on any of the content related to it.