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Why Study In Malaysia?

Malaysia has had many different kinds of visitors from other countries over the course of its history. During the Spice Trade, the Malay coast was an important place to stop and rest. As a result, goods, ideas, and cultures from the East and West, which had been separate until then, were traded back and forth. But why would someone want to go to school in Malaysia? Malay culture has a long history of making people from other countries feel welcome, so there is no better place for a student to feel right at home right away.

Students from other countries who want to study in Malaysia won’t have any trouble finding friendly people and open doors in this beautiful and culturally rich country. Malaysia is a hidden gem with world-class schools, cultural celebrations, ecosystems full of wildlife, beautiful beaches, and busy cities with a lot to do. Malaysia is a great place for international students because of all of these things.

It might be hard to leave your family home and go to school in a different country, but that choice can have a big effect on your future. After thinking about the pros and cons of studying in another country, you may decide that it would be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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Believe us when we say that the fact that you would get a good education is not the only good thing about this chance. Studying in a foreign country will help you learn about many different cultures from around the world, improve your communication and people skills, and give you a global mindset. It opens the door to better professional opportunities for you all over the world.

Malaysia is quickly becoming a popular place for students from other countries to go to school because of how good its education system is. Some of the top 200 universities in the world are there. One of the best things about Malaysia is that it has students from all over the world, including India. More than 100,000 students from other countries are studying in Malaysia right now. They come from more than 150 different countries.

There are more than 100 accredited institutions in the world where you can choose from 151 different tertiary education programmes. In Malaysia, the cost of an undergraduate programme is only 39,990 MYR per semester. In Malaysia, it costs less to get a degree from the UK, the US, Australia, or another country. If you want to study abroad, this essay will tell you why Malaysia is a great place to go.

The level of quality in higher education is getting a lot better.

Malaysian universities are getting better and aren’t too far behind the best universities in the world. Due to the country’s focus on international standards, some Malaysian colleges offer computer science and engineering programmes that are in the top 100 in the world. The Ministry of Higher Education is in charge of keeping an eye on education standards so that Malaysia can become a world leader in higher education.

Location for International Students Who Want to Get a Degree

The Malaysian government spends a lot of money on higher education, and a lot of that money goes to building relationships with educational institutions in other countries. Many universities from other countries, mostly from the UK and Australia, have set up campuses in Malaysia. Monash University in Australia and the University of Nottingham in the UK both have branch campuses in Malaysia. These two schools are always among the top 100 in the world. The UK’s Anglia Ruskin, Nottingham Trent, and Sheffield Hallam universities have joined forces with Malaysia’s KBU International College.

EduCity Iskandar is home to eight of the most well-known schools and universities in the world. In the country of Malaysia, it is in the city of Johor. Right now, only four are working, but by the end of the year, the rest will be done. The Maritime Institute of Technology in the Netherlands, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and the medical universities in Reading, Southampton, and Newcastle in the UK will all take part. The goal of this education hub is to make higher education in Asean as good as it is everywhere else.

Less money spent on living and studying in Singapore

Living and going to school in Malaysia is less expensive than in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada. The undergraduate programme at Nottingham University costs £13,470, but the same programme in Malaysia only costs £7,000. The same marking system, assessment criteria, and module content are used in the course. The degree is worth the same as those from campuses in the UK, but it costs less. The cost of living in Malaysia is less than in the U.S., which is good for your money. When international students can live well on 1,100 Malaysian ringgit per month, it is good for everyone. This takes into account other costs of living, like food and shelter. This table shows how much it costs to live and go to school in Malaysia and in other countries.

Employment Opportunities Available to Students

Part-time jobs for foreign students in Malaysia are limited to 20 hours per week. Students are strongly encouraged to look for jobs at gas stations, motels, full-service restaurants and cafes, and even convenience stores. Students can’t work as a cashier, a singer, a masseuse, a musician, or anything else like that. Higher education makes more jobs available. TalentCorp and ILM, (ILMIA) got together in COL 2016/2017.

Here are a few of the most common courses that improve a student’s chances of getting a job and give them an edge over their competitors.

  • There are mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, quality assurance, industrial, and process engineers. Jobs in ICT include systems analyst, software developer, database analyst, network analyst, technical helpdesk analyst, and test engineer.
  • Some jobs in business management are sales manager, marketing manager, management consultant, and human resource management.
  • Research analyst, corporate finance advisor, financial planner, and finance executive are all terms that have to do with money.
  • Auditor, tax consultant, financial controller, management accountant, and goods and services tax (GST) expert are all terms related to accounting.
  • Communications Department Manager of Communications, Producer, Scriptwriter, and Customer Service Manager
  • Management of the Logistics and Supply Chain: Actuaries are people who study data and make predictions.
  • Multimedia and graphic design is the field that includes web designers, graphic designers, and 3D artists.
  • Architects and interior designers are both types of architects.
  • Actuaries, data scientists, and predictive analysts are all a part of actuarial science.

Immigration procedures that are easy to follow

Malaysia’s immigration process is quick and easy, which is good for international students.

The lack of safety-related care

Malaysia is a safe country with a stable government and a low crime rate. Malaysia’s weather is easy to get used to because it rarely gets very cold or very hot. The weather is always sunny and wet, no matter what time of year it is. In the 2011 poll became Malaysia was the 19th best country out of 153.  

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