Seneca College

seneca college

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology opened its doors to its first students in 1967. It offers programs that lead to diplomas, graduate degrees, baccalaureate degrees, and certificates that can be finished in full or in part. In addition to its four main campuses, Seneca College has several other campuses all over Peterborough and the Greater Toronto Area.

The Newnham Campus of Seneca College is one of the largest in all of canada. It teaches more than 11,000 full-time students in fields like engineering, opticianry, fashion, and liberal arts. This campus used to be called the Finch campus, but it was renamed after William T. Newnham, who was the first president of the university. York, which is a part of York University, is on the Keele campus. On this campus are the Schools of Media, English and Liberal Studies, Information and Communications Technology, Creative Arts and Animation, and Creative Arts and Animation.

The King Campus is one of the campuses that is known for its picturesque beauty. There are forests, fields, and lakes on this campus. The Markham Campus of the University of Toronto was the first place in the Canadian town of Markham to offer post-secondary education. The Seneca Center for Advanced Technologies is on the university’s Jane Campus. Students from the Peterborough campus learn about flying at the Peterborough Airport. There are about three community campuses. Each one focuses on the needs of a certain community and is built to serve that community. There are three places that serve the community: the New market Campus, the Vaughan Campus, and the York gate Campus.

Some of the courses offered through the Applied Arts and Health Sciences are Community Services, English and Liberal Studies, Public Safety and Police Studies, Underwater Skills, Animal Health, Early Childhood Education, and Recreational Centers. The Applied Science and Engineering Technology building is home to the Agilent Technologies Institute, the Center for the Built Environment, English and Liberal Studies, and the Fire Protection Department. Within the Business department are the subfields of Business Management, the Center for Human Resources, International Business, Tourism, and Financial Technology, as well as English and Liberal Studies. The English Language Institute and the Liberal Arts Programs are both part of the International department. However, both programs are run by the Liberal Arts department.

Under the department of Communication, Art, and Design, you can take classes in Fashion and Media, English and Liberal Studies, Creative Arts and Animation, and Fashion Design. The Part-time Studies department has classes on topics like business, creativity, the environment, language, community, education, the humanities, and technology. Through the Department of Training and Employment Services, adults can get training in things like business office skills, changing careers, employment training and business services, services for skilled immigrants, and getting ready for college.

Some famous people who went to Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology include the political activist and media personality Enza Anderson, the children’s TV host Bobby Ash, the novelist and writer Mathis Bailey, the actor Lyriq Bent, the entertainer Boris Cherniak, the musician Al Connelly, the former Canadian diplomat and Liberal MPP Alvin Curling, the stand-up comedian Dini Dimakos, the hockey player and coach Geraldine Heaney, the broadcaster Chuck Jone.

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