Queen's University

Queen's University

Queen’s University is one of Canada’s oldest schools. It was started by a royal charter from Victoria. Queen’s University was founded on October 16, 1841, in the city of Kingston, Ontario. Since then, it has become a key part of higher education in Canada. On March 7, 1842, 13 students and two teachers met for the first time to learn how to be ministers. The institution has a School of Graduate Studies, a Faculty of Law, a Faculty of Health Sciences, a Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, a Faculty of Education, a Faculty of Law, a Faculty of Business and Economics, and a School of Policy Studies.

In the Canadian province of Ontario, the city of Kingston is home to Queen’s University. The university is in the middle of Toronto and Montreal, Canada‘s two biggest cities. Potential students can learn as much as they can about the campus and visitor center through tours and open houses before deciding whether or not to apply. The main campus is made up of 100 acres. Grant Hall, which was built in 1905, is the most well-known building on campus. On campus, you can find a number of world-class museums and performing arts centers.

There are also six library buildings that work together to share resources.

Queen’s University has always been ranked as the best university in Canada. The QS World University Rankings put Queen’s University as the 10th best university in Canada and 239th in the world. The university is one of the best in Canada, and its 25,260 students come from more than 100 different countries. In the undergraduate program, there are 18,367 students, and in the graduate program, there are 6,893. People in this group are taking part in one of about 125 different graduate degree programs.

This university has graduated more than 159,000 people from 153 different countries. Alumni events are a great way for graduates from all over the world to meet up with old classmates and teachers. A few well-known people who went to Queen’s University are the Canadian chemist and businessman Alfred Bader, the geophysicist and NASA astronaut Andrew J. Feustel, and the software entrepreneur and engineer Elon Musk.


Queen’s University at Kingston (Queen’s) was founded in 1841 by the Church of Scotland with a royal charter from Queen Victoria. In 1912, it broke ties with the church and got its current name. This university is a public institution in Kingston, Ontario, and its main goal is research. It has over 1,400 acres of land in Ontario that it owns. It also owns Herstmonceux Castle in the English county of East Sussex. At the end of the 1860s, Queen’s was the first school in Canada outside of the Maritimes to let women study there.

It is a member of the well-known U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities and takes part in a wide range of activities related to sustainability. It is also the driving force behind many projects and activities on and off campus that students do to help the environment.

The Earth Centre is a place where both locals and tourists can learn about environmental issues, buy things that are better for the environment, and talk about ideas in a creative way. The goal of the center is to turn people’s concern about the environment into positive action.  Greenovations is a service of the AMS that is run by students. It fixes up student housing for free so that energy costs don’t go up.

QPID is a group run by students that has helped build communities in Guyana, Ghana, Nunavut, Bolivia, Peru, India, and Nicaragua, among other places.

In the Tea House: Since 2011, all of the products sold to customers have been recycled or turned into compost. This means that consumers haven’t thrown anything away.

As of November 2019, the institution had nearly 9,000 academic jobs, including 840 full-time professors, 425 clinical medicine professors, and 2,486 adjunct professors.


When it comes to rankings, ARWU Shanghai Ranking has Queen’s University in its top 300 for 2020. It could be anywhere from position 201 to 300. The ARWU Shanghai ranking cares more about how well universities in Shanghai do research and how many Nobel Prizes their faculty members have won than about how well-known the universities are among academics and employers.

Since 2017, Times Higher Education has ranked the university between 251 and 300, and the QS World University Ranking for 2021 has it at 246. Times Higher Education (THE) gives 30% to Teaching, Research, and Citations, but QS gives 40% to Academic Reputation, followed by 40% to Faculty/Student Ratio, and 20% to Citations per Faculty. Read what’s below: Dates for applying to Queen’s University in 2021.

US News & World Report ranks universities in the United States based on a number of factors, such as the reputation of their research around the world, the reputation of their research in their region, and the number of publications that have been cited (12.5% for each). This particular school is ranked 419 for the year 2021.

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