What is the “Process of EB-5”?

Making your own fortune in US is quite simple as you have a chance to become permanent citizen through EB5 program. Through this program you have to first consult with an immigration Attorney who helps you invest in any business enterprise of US and create employment for at least 10 individuals. Enough business options will be given to foreign investors to invest their capital. Once it is done, then after a period of 5 years you will be considered as permanent resident of US by providing green card.






For easy understanding, basically process of EB5 is a  step by step thing that you need to read and understand first.


  • The very first step actually starts with the process of taking best guidance from immigration attorney who takes you through the entire EB5 process, suggest possible areas of investing, plan the best way to accumulate the funds, provide detailed information regarding documentation.
  • We advice you as where to create 10 jobs for US professionals especially in a targeted employment area.
  • Formation of a new business enterprise means investing in any company that starts after November 29, 1990. The company that started before this date need to go through some exceptions and modifications like 40% increase in the profit as well as 40% increase in the number of employees. Restructuring or reorganizing is another exception that you find. In terms of investing funds, there are two ways like direct investment as well as regional centres. With direct investment means purchasing a business, owning an existing business or just investing in an existing business. On the other side, investing in a large scale existing business is referred to as regional centre investment for you.
  • Getting a comprehensive business place is necessary to determine what type of business to invest in, how much money to be invested, how many jobs need to be created, when the jobs are actually created, how funds will be spent and several other details.
  • Once you are done with process of selecting your investment type and area of investment, next step is to filing form I-526 as the immigrant petition for Alien Entrepreneur to USCIS. In support of the form, you need to submit several set of documents like a valid passport, bank statements of the accumulated funds, copy of marriage certificate if have any, copy of diplomas if have any and copy of social security card if have any.
  • Once received all the documents from your side USCIS will provide its final verdict as whether to qualify you as a foreign investor or not.
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