For good thing about students and immigrants we tend to conjointly embrace alternative services as a part of our service profile. The package may be bespoke as per the individual needs of the consumer.

Flight Booking

Our Travel table government can assist you with flight booking at lowest potential rates. You’ll ensure tickets on receipt of visa all at one place. You only have to be compelled to inform your travel needs. On getting the travel needs our travel table can attend your request with flight data kit.

Accommodation Booking

Our accommodation booking services is nominally charged for all purchasers traveling overseas, our government makes a degree to offer the simplest match in given allow snug and secure accommodation overseas. Folks area unit forever involved for the well being of their kids whereas causation them for studies abroad. Understanding their considerations we offer them acceptable accommodation solutions with safe surroundings.

Post Landing Services

  • Air port choose
  • Opening checking account and getting MasterCard abroad
  • SIN number
  • PR card application
  • Extension of study allow
  • Change of standing for visitant / students /worker
  • Employment awareness and job seeking

Preparing application for Travel documents, obtaining apostle services, notary public service, cash transfer and making ready varied supporting documents area unit few of alternative services in our portfolio.