Niagara College

Niagara College

In 1967, Niagara College was started in Welland with the goal of making the curriculum more focused on jobs. This Canadian university used to offer classes on how to make beer and wine. As tourism in Canada grew, the school created the Tourism Industry Development Center (TIDC) to train students who wanted to work in the tourism and hospitality industries.

The college has three different locations: Welland, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and Taif. At 100 Niagara College Boulevard, you can find the Welland campus of Niagara College. This site has a cafeteria, a library, a gym, and a campus store, all of which are open to the public. Some of the programs you can choose from are broadcasting, early childhood education, the center for policing and community safety research, and acting for TV and movies. The brand-new Welland YMCA and the Niagara Children’s Safety Village are both there.

The Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus is at 135 Taylor Road. In 1998, it had its grand opening. On this campus, you can find the Niagara Culinary Institute, the Niagara Waters Spa, and a part of the Niagara Winery that is used to teach. In addition, there are greenhouses, a field nursery, and a living laboratory on the property. Students at Niagara College grow a wide range of plants all year long to sell to the public and make the campus look better. This building has three vineyards and a lab for testing the taste of wine.

On the Taif campus, men who live in Saudi Arabia can take classes in cooking, hospitality, business, management, and tourism. At the university, something called a “national center for excellence” has been set up. Through a specialized study program, students learn about business, English, and technology.

Niagara College in Ontario, Canada, offers the Bachelor of Arts degree (International Commerce and Global Development). The university is known for its programs in modern technology, teaching English as a second language (ESL), cooking, wine studies, and public health. At Niagara College, students also learn about cooking, making wine, gardening, and appreciating fine art and design.

Canadians like photographers Edward Burtynsky and Shirley Coppen, sportscasters Dan Dunleavy and Christel Haeck, politicians Peter Kormos and Bernie McNamee, and writers Edward Burtynsky and Shirley Coppen all went to Niagara College.


Niagara College Canada is a public university situated in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. The university emphasizes the importance of impactful research through student involvement in innovation centers. The most critical research at the university is conducted through the Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Canadian Food and Wine Institute Innovation Centre, and Agriculture and Environmental Technologies Innovation Centre.

The college is known for its Tourism, Hospitality, Culinary, and Business Management School in Canada. The university hosts a range of student-run enterprises, including a restaurant, spa, vineyard and brewery, hair salon, and even a dental clinic. The Centre for Academic Excellence at the university creates and maintains a high standard of teaching through faculty quality assessments. The university’s notable alumni include renowned photographer Edward Burtynsky, politician Shirley Coppen, and sportscaster Dan Dunleavy.

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