International University of Applied Sciences

International University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences is an innovative institution that offers degree programs leading to the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA levels. These programs are of the highest quality. Study on campus at one of their two international campuses in Germany or completely online for one of their many Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA degree programs. The new hybrid on-campus study approach that Indiana University has implemented is a step forward in terms of student flexibility. Thanks to the online component of the curriculum, students attending classes on the campus have the freedom to study while while maintaining a job, or they can spend their time discovering everything that Europe has to offer. On our MyCampus app, students get access to all of the required reading materials, including module scripts. In addition, some of the modules can be completed entirely online, giving them the freedom to choose where and when to work on them. Students are therefore afforded the opportunity to work alongside their academic pursuits and acquire a head start on their careers in Germany.

IU International strives to make its educational offerings as adaptable and forward-thinking as possible without compromising on the level of excellence they provide. In addition to concentrating on providing outstanding student services and expert guidance, they also provide specialized knowledge and creative educational materials. The programs offered by IU provide graduates with the subject-specific knowledge and soft skills necessary for success in the worldwide business sector through the utilization of a future-oriented approach and digital tools.

Not only has the German Council of Science and Humanities granted IU International University of Applied Sciences accreditation, but the German Accreditation Council has also granted IU International University of Applied Sciences accreditation for both its system and its curriculum. This indicates that their curriculum, staff, and instructional materials all satisfy the high criteria that have been set for them. This indicates that they are now trusted to be responsible for the accreditation of their own programs.

Not only was IU the first German university to receive 99/100 on the famous QS Stars Report, but they also won 6/25 categories in Germany’s largest university rating that was done by CHE. IU was also the first university in Germany to receive 99/100 on the QS World University Rankings. They also have a huge recommendation rate of over 90%, which has helped them win a number of accolades for their cutting-edge online learning materials, student support, and other categories connected.

IU is a participant in the activities of the AASCB, the Online Learning Consortium, and the Business Graduate’s Association. These affiliations provide them with connections to other educational institutions and businesses, opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development, as well as degree rating programs. Our students may rest assured that Indiana University is on the cutting edge of contemporary learning and pedagogical practices as a result of this.

Students from all over the world are encouraged to apply to IU International so that they can increase their chances of finding employment in a global setting. IU provides students with educational content that is relevant to the business, and the university places a strong emphasis on offering a global perspective within both general management courses and subject-specific information. This helps students get ready for careers that take them abroad. In all that they do, Indiana University instills in their students a global perspective that will equip them to be successful in global business.

In addition, all IU professors have a minimum of five years of experience working directly in their respective fields, and the university places a strong emphasis on preparing students to be socially and interculturally competent. IU takes great pride in its alumni and the successful professions they have gone on to build.


Work, study, and adventure are all possible thanks to the adaptable combination of in-person and online lectures.

Students are required to finish their degrees on campus and submit an application for a post-study work visa when they graduate.

You can tailor your educational experience to fit your budget by choosing where you want to study each semester.

Acclaimed and acknowledged all throughout the world: Enhance your professional standing with a degree from Europe

Establish connections with people in other countries: Make connections with other students and reputable businesses.

IU International places a significant emphasis on offering its students with first-rate and meticulously organized degree programs, in addition to a significant amount of individualized assistance and support. Their numerous honors, accreditations, and certifications are evidence that they are effective in what they do. Accreditation has been granted to each and every one of their degree programs by either the FIBAA or the Accreditation Council. In addition to this, the Council of Sciences has acknowledged the IU’s status as a private university for the longest period of time allowed, which is ten years. Additionally, IU has been awarded a multitude of external rankings and certifications.

Students are able to find work, become involved in one of IU’s many student organizations, and prepare for their futures by studying in small groups and maintaining close relationships with their professors. Additionally, students have access to course material via the internet.

Students attending classes at one of IU International’s campuses in Berlin or Bad Honnef will find that the organization’s goal is to provide them with an environment that is conducive to learning while also allowing them to fully participate in campus life. Students who want to concentrate on their coursework shouldn’t be forced to spend time in stuffy libraries or overcrowded lecture rooms. Instead, they should have access to a space where they can unwind and enjoy being a student. Modern seminar rooms, libraries, information technology assistance, wireless internet access, and cafeteria options are just some of the amenities that can be found at IU’s several campus locations. They can also join one of the many different organisations and sports clubs available on campus to make the most of both their spare time and their academic experiences alongside their fellow classmates.

Students can access IU study and careers counselors online or in Germany for guidance and help with their academic and professional endeavors. Additionally, forums and groups are wonderful places to learn more about beginning your studies in Germany or coming to Germany in general. IU has a large number of company partners and a vast network, and all of its foreign programs are taught in English, which is the language that is most commonly used in the business world.

Students at IU International University of Applied Sciences (IU) will now have the opportunity to have their degrees recognized by both IU and London South Bank University (LSBU), according to a new partnership between the two universities. When students select this option, they will graduate from Indiana University with a degree in German as well as a degree in British studies. This provides them with a significant advantage in their future careers. This chance does not require any more traveling or studying on your part.


IU University of Applied Sciences is ranked number 241 in Germany and number 470 in the world by uniRank, a major international platform for reviewing and assessing institutions of higher education from around the world.

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