New Zealand is a small country which is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, it has of 2 main islands, both marked by volcanoes and glaciations. Places like Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Nelson which is popular for one or the other thing. It is an uncrowded place with multicultural culture that reflects its changing demographics.

People are somewhat more conscious about their natural surrounding and environment, and it is educated western society.Being tiny country is it the most acessible place to visit in the world and it is the one of the preferred destination to be visited every year in the world. One can explore natural beauty with diversified surrounding from beaches to rainforest mountains, plains lakes and glaciers. People living in New Zealand are calm and friendly and gentle to tourist. Wherever you meet native people you will receive warm welcome and smiling face showing friendly attitude.



The New Zealand Skilled Migrant points system is created just to allow Expressions of Interest to be ranked in order so that the New Zealand Immigration authorities can make wise decision in order to immigrate the applicant whosoever can serve the most to New Zealand.

Points are awarded for on account of age, having family members in New Zealand, previous work experience, your employment and qualifications as well.

age                                                           points
20-29                                                     30

30-39                                                     25

40-44                                                     20

45-49                                                     10

50-55                                                      5



you can gain 10 points more if you have close family relatives living in new zealand.


Employment                                                                   Bonus

Received job offer from New Zealand                  50

At present you are working as a skilled

employee in New Zealand for year or less           50

At present you are working as a skilled                60

employee inNew Zealand for more than a



Work Experience

NO. of years                                                                                    points

2 years                                                                                                 10

4 years                                                                                                 15

6 years                                                                                                 20

8 years                                                                                                 25

10 years                                                                                               30



Courses/Degree                                                                           Points

Trade qualification or any Diploma                                          40

Bachelors Degree                                                                          50

Masters Degree                                                                             60