Griffith College

Griffith College

We at Griffith College recognize how anxious you are to follow your interests, make your dreams come true, and develop to your greatest potential. Because of this, we have focused our whole operation on making the transition from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree as quick and painless for you as is humanly possible.

As a result of the college’s relatively intimate classroom settings and exceptionally encouraging educational atmosphere, you will leave Griffith College with the self-assurance and academic discipline necessary to make rapid academic advancement. You are able to bypass the first year of schooling and go straight into the second year if you enroll in one of our university-created programs that is typically equivalent to the first year of a degree. Because of the welcoming and encouraging environment that we’ve cultivated here for first-year students, you’ll be more equipped to achieve academic success at the institution.

Griffith College is your best option if you wish to gain credit toward a bachelor’s degree in the field of your choice at Griffith University. You are able to bypass the first year of study and proceed directly to the second year of a wide variety of bachelor’s degree programs if you already possess a diploma after completing the program in as little as eight to twelve months.

Our College is an essential component of the life of the Griffith University community, and it may be found not just at the Southport (Gold Coast) campus but also at the Mt. Gravatt (Brisbane) campus. Students who attend this institution have access to a diverse collection of resources and a good opportunity to enroll in advanced degree programs.

To put it more succinctly, our University Partner is in the top two percent of universities throughout the globe in terms of the quality of its research, the educational innovation it offers, and its connections to business and commerce. Its campuses have top-tier academic members who are pioneers in the provision of higher education across the Asia-Pacific region as well as facilities that are on the cutting edge of technology.

When Griffith College first opened its doors on the Mount Gravatt (Brisbane) campus of Griffith University in 1997, 98 students enrolled in four diploma programs (Commerce, Hotel Management, IT and Design), as well as a tertiary preparation program. These programs included Commerce, Hotel Management, IT and Design. Since then, the College has increased the breadth and depth of its educational offerings by introducing eight new diplomas, an associate’s degree in Commerce and Business, a foundation program that does not lead to a degree, and a master’s qualifying program. The ever-increasing number of students interested in taking these classes prompted Griffith University to establish a second campus of Griffith College at its Southport (Gold Coast) site.


The on-campus and online* classrooms at Griffith College are examples of the college’s Flexible Learning model, which is used to instruct students in all of the college’s degree and certificate programs. These programs are housed in the college’s two primary buildings. We have access to the library, computer labs, stores, fitness, and clubs at Griffith University because we are an affiliated institution. In addition, we have access to specialized facilities such as mock hospital rooms for nursing students, scientific labs, art studios, and various support services.

The objective of Griffith College is to provide the most successful graduates possible by imparting education of the highest caliber to a student body that is culturally and racially diverse and comprised of individuals from all over the world.

The exceptional education that Griffith College gives its students, which enables them to become useful and contributing members of society, will earn the institution a prominent place on the national stage.


Since 2008, Griffith University has had a close relationship with Queensland Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (ACN 076 195 027) trading as Griffith College.

All Diploma and Foundation courses are listed on CRICOS (the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) with the code 01737F, and are available at both of the institution’s campuses.

All Diploma and Associate Degree programs have been approved by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) – PRV12078, making the institution a legitimate higher education provider.

Academic governance and quality at Griffith College are delegated to the college’s Academic Board, which reports to the Navitas Board but is independent of it. Ross Guest, emeritus professor, presides over the College Academic Board, which consists of faculty and administrators from the University and College, as well as members of the business community and students.

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