Freie Universität Berlin

Freie Universität Berlin

In the illustrious academic landscape that is Germany, the Freie Universitat Berlin stands out as a remarkable, forward-thinking institution. It has been recognized on multiple occasions as one of the nation’s Universities of Excellence due to its commitment to social responsibility, its international orientation, and its interdisciplinary approach.

At each and every academic level, the university provides access to a diverse curriculum as well as programs that are among the most challenging in the field. Even though it has a particularly solid reputation in the fields of social sciences and humanities, it is also home to pioneering research in the fields of natural sciences, Earth sciences, computer sciences, and mathematics.

As reflected in its name, Freie Universität Berlin has valued academic freedom as one of its core principles since its founding in 1948. Early on, the institution developed a focus that was particularly international, and as time has passed, it has evolved into the institution of choice for international students and researchers who are traveling to Germany.

The research that is carried out at Freie Universitat Berlin is distinguished by its excellence within disciplines and its encouragement of an interdisciplinary orientation. Additionally, the university maintains connections with a wide range of academic and scientific networks, and its areas of focus are highly visible and competitive on an international scale.

The primary campus of the university can be found in Berlin-Dahlem, a residential neighborhood known for its tranquility and ideal atmosphere for concentrating on academic pursuits such as learning and research.

The Free University of Berlin is an educational establishment open to the public that was established in 1948. The university has three main campuses in Berlin. In addition, Free University and Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin work together to run the Charite – Medical University of Berlin. This institution admits students who are enrolled at either or both of the aforementioned universities. During the most recent academic year at the Free University, approximately 16 percent of the student body was working toward doctoral degrees. The majority of degree programs at public universities in Germany do not require students to pay tuition fees, as is typically the case in this country. Although it is not located on campus, there is housing available for students. These accommodations are managed by outside organizations that have agreements with the university to provide housing for students.

The university is home to three central institutes, 11 academic departments, and a joint medical school. Additionally, students can earn degrees in Eastern European, Latin American, and North American studies at the university’s three central institutes. In total, Free University provides access to approximately 180 bachelor’s degree programs, around 50 master’s degree programs, and approximately 50 doctoral degree programs. The university operates on a semester-based schedule, with the beginning of each semester marking the beginning of a new set of classes. Although German is the primary language of instruction, the university does offer some programs taught in English; however, the majority of these programs are for master’s degree students. Computational sciences, international health, and North American studies are some of the topics covered in the master’s degree programs that are taught in English. Every year, the university welcomes somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 academics and researchers from other countries to work in various teaching and research capacities. Plant sciences, functional materials at the nanoscale, and disease in human aging are some of the areas of inter-disciplinary research that the university focuses on.


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FU-BEST is a semester-long program that students can enroll in during either the Fall or the Spring semester. By encouraging exposure to different cultures within the context of a dynamic setting, it is our goal to educate students to become responsible, global citizens. The teaching of German as a second language, an extensive selection of subjects to choose from, and the utilization of the “extended classroom” are the three fundamental components that will be incorporated into our program in order to accomplish our goal of delivering an immersive and multifaceted study abroad experience.

Students are equipped to make the most of this one-of-a-kind educational opportunity by virtue of factors such as the availability of day-to-day guidance, specialized faculty, and intimate classroom settings. All of the classes take advantage of the extraordinary location of this fascinating city by incorporating local field trips into their curricula. These trips are planned with Berlin’s abundant cultural, political, and historical offerings as a resource.

Students from other countries are allowed to submit applications to attend this university; however, acceptance is contingent on the applicants’ prior academic performance and grade point averages.


The Free University of Berlin is a public university that operates on a not-for-profit basis and is regarded as one of the world’s best research institutions. It is located in the outskirts of the large city of Berlin. This university was established in 1948, and it currently holds the position of 138th on the global university rankings.

The Freie Universität Berlin is home to a variety of academic programs and courses, including those leading to bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. The university is comprised of twelve departments, which include Biology, Chemistry & Pharmacy, Earth Sciences, Education & Psychology, History & Cultural Studies, Law, Mathematics & Computer Science, Philosophy & Humanities, Physics, Political & Social Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, School of Business & Economics, and Medical School – Charité – University Medicine Berlin. The university also houses a School of Business & Economics.

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