Edith Cowan College

Edith Cowan College

Edith Cowan College is the first educational institution in Australia named after a woman who was the first to be elected to the Australian Parliament. The college is located in Perth and is named after pioneering politician Edith Cowan. It is common knowledge across the entirety of the nation that this particular college is an outstanding option for overseas students who are interested in furthering their education. Accreditation for the college was bestowed upon it by Edith Cowan University, a venerable institution with a history of turning out significant members of society.

The college makes available to both first-year and advanced level students a comprehensive range of educational opportunities. The various programs cover a wide variety of subject areas, including but not limited to science, engineering, business, nursing, and education, as well as computer science. There are advanced English classes, diploma programs in business, information technology, engineering, hospitality management, and communications, as well as postgraduate degree programs in business and communication. In addition to academic instruction, the university’s Academy of Performing Arts offers career training. There are three campuses of Edith Cowan University, two of which are located in the Perth metropolitan region (Joondalup and Mount Lawley), and the third of which is located in Bunbury, which is in the southwestern corner of the state.

Students of the university are welcome to use any of the university’s local campuses as study sites. While they are studying, students have access to a variety of locations on campus where they can unwind and maintain a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. An outdoor movie screening center for media and filmmaking, a health and wellness building for individuals who like to keep physically active and be prepared for challenges, and a new library that won an award and serves as a hub for students. In addition, a variety of programs can be found at Western Australia’s regional centers. Because there is such a large selection of local hotels and motels in Perth, it is not difficult for a student to locate a place to stay in the city.


The academic history of a student and their level of fluency in the English language are taken into consideration when making admissions decisions at Edith Cowan College.

At ECC, the language of instruction for all of the classes that are offered is English. Before being accepted into an ECC program, candidates need to be able to provide evidence that they are proficient in the English language.

Proof of English language proficiency can be demonstrated by submitting evidence of completion of studies leading up to the 12th grade, scores on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), scores on the Pearson English Test, or equivalents, as shown in the table below.

At ECC, the language of instruction for all of the classes that are offered is English. Before being accepted into an ECC program, candidates need to be able to provide evidence that they are proficient in the English language. Obtaining one of the results that are displayed in the table below will fulfill this requirement.

Each study period will have access to a free academic support unit (ADU100) that does not count toward credit. Students have the option of enrolling in this unit on their own volition, or they may be required to do so as a prerequisite or corequisite to participate in other units of study.

Students over the age of 20 who are considered to be of mature age may be considered for entry into a program even if they do not meet the program’s formal academic requirements. Candidates will be required to submit their applications through Portfolio Entry and will be expected to furnish a written statement of purpose, evidence of previous work experience, a curriculum vitae, and additional supporting documents.

Students who are interested in furthering their education have the opportunity to continue their studies at Edith Cowan University after completing their studies at Edith Cowan College (ECC) (ECU).

Mature-aged applicants, those who are 20 years old or older, may be admitted to diploma courses even if they do not meet the formal academic requirements if they have relevant work experience and/or other acceptable qualifications. This is true regardless of whether the applicant has taken a gap year or is seeking further qualifications for their career.

To the extent that it is consistent with maximizing student progression while maintaining established academic standards, the ECC may award advanced standing toward the completion of a course for evaluable learning outcomes attained through formal learning and/or informal learning, work-related experience and/or life experience. This may be done for learning outcomes achieved through formal learning and/or informal learning, work-related experience and/or life experience.

ECC provides students with the opportunity to fast-track their university pathway into ECU, which has been awarded a 5-star rating for teaching quality for 14 years in a row by the Good Universities Guide 2021. ECU courses are based on ECU curriculum, and ECC class sizes are significantly smaller than those at other universities. State-of-the-art facilities are also available to ECC students.


In the city of Joondalup, Australia, Edith Cowan University is consistently ranked among the best public universities. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, it has a ranking of #601-650.

At Edith Cowan University (ECU), we are aware that selecting a career path is a difficult and significant decision, and we recognize the significance of this choice. When deciding what field of study to pursue, our recommendation is that you take into account your interests and goals, as well as what drives you and what will test your abilities. In the event that additional direction is required, the helpful members of our staff are standing by to have a conversation with you about the kinds of classes that might be a good fit for your interests, as well as to provide details about the various ways in which you can achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

People have the opportunity to develop to their full potential at ECU because it provides the optimal learning environment. Our students are prepared to become valuable contributors to the well-being and sustainability of our communities, both locally and internationally, by the industry-relevant teaching and research that we conduct at our Western Australian institution, as well as by the supportive study environment that we provide and the award-winning facilities that we offer. In addition to gaining valuable academic and professional skills, you will also have the opportunity to meet new people and form friendships that could last a lifetime, all while taking advantage of the warm culture and inviting atmosphere.

ECU plans to launch a brand-new and exciting campus in the heart of Perth city in the year 2025. The University’s Creative Industries, Business and Technology Campus is a model for the type of university campus that will exist in the future; this type of campus will be urban, connected, integrated with local businesses and communities, and will be an essential component of a thriving city.

ECU has more than 31,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students and is home to one of the most culturally diverse student populations in Australia. Each year, the university welcomes approximately 7,000 international students hailing from more than one hundred different nations.

The teaching staff has a wealth of professional experience and extensive network connections. Therefore, students can anticipate gaining the knowledge, skills, and even contacts necessary to make their way in the world through their educational experiences.

Courses offered by ECU are not only well-respected domestically but also on a global scale; many of these courses have received professional accreditation from both domestic and foreign bodies. Students have the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom through practicum placements in real businesses or organizations, as well as through paid internships and study abroad programs.

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