DePaul University

DePaul University

At the urging of Archbishop Feehan, members of the Congregation of the Mission, also known as Vincentians, founded DePaul University on June 30, 1898 under the name St. Vincent’s College. DePaul University is currently known as DePaul University. On September 5 of that year, courses were held for the first time in the building that once housed St. Vincent’s Church. In the beginning, there were just seven members of the college’s faculty, no president, and perhaps seventy pupils.

On January 2, 1899, the Reverend Peter V. Byrne, C.M. was selected to serve as the organization’s first president. On December 24, 1907, St. Vincent’s College was renamed DePaul University and began operations. The origin of the name can be traced back to Saint Vincent de Paul, who was the first leader of the Mission Congregation. The Higher Learning Commission has given their stamp of approval to the university as it is right now (HLC). In addition to this, a number of the programs that it provides are accredited by a variety of notable organizations.

The city of Chicago is home to not one but two of DePaul University’s campuses. The Lincoln Park campus may be found to the north of the central business district of Chicago. It is the primary campus and is home to five colleges and schools, including the School of Music, the School of Theatre, the College of Science and Health, and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. In addition to that, it has a student center, a community garden, a coffee shop called Brownstone’s, and a fitness center that is named after Ray Meyer. The campus is home to 11 residence halls, all of which are kept in pristine condition and offer comfortable living quarters for students.

The Loop campus may be found in the heart of Chicago, right in the middle of the city’s most important commercial district. It is the location of five of the university’s colleges and schools, including the College of Communication, College of Law, College of Business, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and College of Computing and Digital Media.

Over 130 undergraduate programs, more than 175 graduate programs, as well as numerous online and continuing education courses are all available to students at DePaul University. These programs and courses are offered in a wide variety of academic areas, including business, communication, education, law, computing, liberal arts, science, music, theater, social science, health, and digital media. It is home to more than 350 different student groups and clubs, as well as a large number of international students hailing from over 100 different nations. The members of the university’s teaching staff have years of expertise and impressive credentials. The educational establishment cultivates and maintains collaborations with a wide variety of organizations and businesses in order to give students with possibilities to gain practical experience and employment. The Career Centre at DePaul University provides a variety of services to students and alumni, such as resume writing, career counseling, preparation for interviews, job fairs, and networking events.

Alumni of DePaul University can be found all over the world, and among them are a lot of famous and successful people. RSM US LLP is led by Joseph Adams, who serves as both the CEO and managing partner. RumChata was conceptualized and first developed by Thomas Maas, who also serves as CEO of Agave Loco. Jack Greenberg served as the previous chief executive officer and president of McDonald’s in the United States. Gillian Anderson is an award-winning actress who has been honored with both the Emmy and the Golden Globe. Joe Keery is a renowned actor who was honored with a Screen Actors Guild Award in the past. On the WGN Evening News, Lourdes Duarte serves as a co-anchor. Famous actor Sean Gunn is best recognized for his performance as Kirk Gleason in the television series Gilmore Girls. The position of Ukraine’s Minister of Finance has previously been held by Natalie Jaresko. Anne Burke, who holds the title of Hon., is a judge of the Illinois Supreme Court. The university also boasts the accomplishments of a number of other notable former students.


The private research university that is DePaul University can be found in Chicago, Illinois. It is widely regarded as an excellent learning environment. Students at this university have access to thousands of internship opportunities, and more than 97% of their classes are led by full-time faculty members rather than teaching assistants.

More than 3,800 students successfully complete their yearlong service-learning requirements each and every year. The percentage of students who are successful is greater than 90%; specifically, it is 91% for students in the undergraduate program and 92% for students in the graduate program.

In spite of the fact that DePaul University graduates have decent job outcomes, the university noticed a decline in full-time employment for the majority of the courses when compared to the previous academic year. The drop in enrollment among students was recorded at 9%, while the drop among graduates was recorded at 6%. Despite this, the share of people working part-time jobs grew. Graduates from reputable educational institutions are in high demand by employers all over the world because of their well-honed skill sets, excellent networking skills, and lucid thought processes.

In 2019, fifty percent of graduates were working full-time, while forty percent of those who were actively seeking employment had at least one job offer in hand. Students at DePaul University were provided placement opportunities at 98% of the top publicly held corporations and 75% of the privately held companies.

According to Eduniversal 2019, DePaul’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in International Business and Management and Information Systems were ranked 33rd in North America for students and graduate income statistics. The university has also been recognized by the Princeton Review’s 384 colleges as one of the best midwestern colleges in the United States, and the U.S. News and World Report (2021) has ranked it as one of the best national universities. Both of these accolades have been bestowed upon the university.


DePaul University was founded in 1898 and currently provides more than 130 undergraduate programs, more than 175 graduate programs, as well as numerous online and continuing education courses in a wide variety of academic disciplines including, but not limited to, business, communication, education, law, computing, and the liberal arts. As part of their ranking methodology, US News & World Report takes into account the Global Research Reputation, the Regional Research Reputation, and the Number of Publications cited at a rate of 12.5% each. This is one of the many ranking parameters that are taken into consideration when discussing the ranking of DePaul University. US News & World Report has ranked the university both at the national level and at the international level.

According to the US News & World Report’s ranking of global universities for 2021, DePaul University comes in at position number 1390. The ranking parameter has gone down slightly from its previous position of 1303 in 2020 to where it is now. The university’s previous ranking in the same category, which was 125 in 2020, was moved up one spot to 124 in 2021 by the US News & World Report – National University Ranking. This position is one notch higher than the university’s ranking of 125 in 2020. Check out the many different classes that are offered at DePaul University here if you are interested in applying to DePaul University for university admission.

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