Curtin University

Curtin University

Curtin University was first formed in 1966 as the Western Australian Institute of Technology, but it has since evolved into a public research university in Australia (WAIT). In 1987, when it was granted university status, the institution’s name was changed to Curtin University of Technology. In 2011, it was officially rebranded as Curtin University. Because John Curtin, who served as Prime Minister of Australia from 1941 until 1945, passed away while in office, the university is named after him.

It is generally agreed upon that Curtin University, which has locations in both Bentley and Perth, is Western Australia’s most prestigious institution for providing a multicultural education. If you graduate from Curtin College with a diploma, you may be eligible for advanced standing into the second year of the bachelor’s degree program that you are currently enrolled in at Curtin University. This institution is ranked among the top one percent of all schools in the world. Curtin is well-known for its innovative research and ground-breaking discoveries, its solid collaborations with local industries, and its drive to ensure that its graduates are well-equipped to succeed in the workforce. All of these factors contribute to Curtin’s reputation for excellence. The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, which is the government agency in charge of ensuring that institutions maintain high standards of education, has given its stamp of approval (TEQSA).

Campuses of Curtin University can be found in Perth, Dubai, Malaysia, Kalgoorlie, Mauritius, and Singapore, amongst other locations. Students can participate in exchange programs since the university maintains connections with educational establishments and universities located all over the world. Students have convenient access to a vast collection of books, journals, and other scholarly resources, as well as a technology environment that is on the cutting edge, all within the Robertson Library, which serves as the campus’s nerve center.

Alcoa, Alzheimer’s Australia, Bankwest, BHP Billiton, the Cancer Council of Western Australia, Chevron, the CSIRO, Rio Tinto, the Water Corporation, and Woodside are just a few of the many corporations and non-profit organizations that work together with Curtin. Other organizations include the Cancer Council of Western Australia. Graduating students at Curtin University will have access to internships, mentoring, interview preparation, and career courses thanks to a partnership between the two institutions and Navitas Professional. Students will have the opportunity to acquire marketable skills and hands-on experience in the business sector as a direct result of this collaboration between the two institutions.

There are many different fields of study that are covered by the college’s many different courses of study. Some of these fields include architecture, construction and built environment, business and commerce, communications, design and arts, engineering, health sciences, computer science and information technology, and many more. More than 10,000 former students of Curtin College are currently in the midst of their fourth year of study at the different bachelor’s colleges where they earned their degrees. If the student’s visa allows for it, they can put in up to 40 hours of employment throughout each two-week period that they have during the academic semester. They have the opportunity to put in some additional hours during the break.

Curtin is the alma mater of several illustrious alumni, some of whom have won prestigious awards, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award for Carrie Bickmore, the Community Service Award for Daryl Davenport, and the Global Impact Award for Dr. Mariyam Shakeel. Rebecca Bignell was given the Young Achievement Award, Dr. Josephine Ratna was given the Volunteer Leadership Award, and David Gribble was given the Professional Achievement Award for Business and Law.


Curtin University is a well-known higher education establishment that is renowned for its innovative academic programs, distinguished teaching staff, and strong connections to the professional world of business.

Over 58,000 students from more than 140 countries call Curtin University home, making it one of the most internationally diverse educational institutions in the world. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it is ranked ninth among Australian universities.

Curtin University provides students with classes that are not only well-known locally but also in other parts of the country and even the world. In addition, these classes are presented in an atmosphere that is oriented toward the needs and interests of the students.

Graduates from Curtin University in Australia are highly sought after by employers because of the industry-ready skill sets they possess and their desire to make the world a better place. The courses are designed to give you practical experience in the industry, which will make you more marketable once you graduate. Gain knowledge from a faculty that has experience in the real world while making use of opportunities such as internships, field trips, practical assignments, guest lectures, and networking events.

To ensure that the research it conducts and the education it provides are both current and relevant, Curtin maintains tight partnerships with some of the most successful businesses in Australia and the rest of the globe. According to the Good Universities Guide 2021, Curtin University has the highest level of student satisfaction of any university in the world.

When you graduate from Curtin, you will immediately become a member of a thriving alumni network and have the opportunity to develop connections that will prove to be extremely useful in the competitive modern and global job market. The global Curtin Alumni Community is comprised of more than 190,000 Curtin graduates who now make their homes in different parts of the world.


The University was ranked within the top one percent of universities in the world by the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2022. The University moved up a large number of spots from previous years and is now ranked 193rd in the world according to the QS World University Ranking for 2023.

Curtin University moved up 14 places to 206th worldwide in the University Ranking by Academic Performance for the academic year 2020–21, and it maintained its status as the ninth-best university in Australia (URAP).

It is now ranked 284th in the world and 9th in Australia, according to the 2019 CWTS Leiden Ranking. This marks an improvement of 35 places over the University’s prior standing.

The 2019 edition of the Shanghai Ranking’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects (GRAS) features 37 of the 54 listed courses offered by Curtin University. Of those 37 subjects, seven of them are ranked in the top 100 in the world. It has the highest ranks in Australia, coming in at number two for both mathematics and chemical engineering, and it is rated in the top ten internationally for mining and mineral engineering. In addition, it has the highest rankings in Australia for mining and mineral engineering.

Curtin University has improved its position in the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject in eight distinct subject areas.

The exceptional facilities at Curtin University make it easier for academic institutions, private companies, and public agencies to work together on a diverse range of high-impact research projects. These worldwide connections, which encourage innovation, are beneficial to leaders in a variety of industries, including business, mining, and healthcare, among others. You, as a student, stand to gain from them in several different ways, including the opportunity to get experience in the business world, to carry out original research, and to make connections with prospective future employers.

Because of the wide variety of professional abilities and challenges that you will face, you will acquire a valuable perspective and be prepared for a job anywhere in the world as a result of this experience. Over ninety different organizations from every region on the planet have collaborated with Curtin University. On this list are the companies Alcoa, Alzheimer’s Australia, Bankwest, BHP Billiton, Cancer Council Western Australia, Chevron, CSIRO, Rio Tinto, the Water Corporation, and Woodside. Also included are organizations such as Alzheimer’s Australia and the CSIRO.

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