[vc_column_text] TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is standardized measures to evaluate English proficiency for non-native English people. TOEFL is one of the popular English proficiency test after IELTS.
TOEFL is used as a measure to assess the language proficiency of candidates who are coming from different part of world to study in US and Canada university in English. It assess your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks in English.



TOEFL becomes mandatory for admission in colleges/universities where English is the first of native language. It is essential for studing in Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate Programme. Major concern of TOEFL is to analyse that Candidates can communicate in English.
TOEFL  is a confirmation of you English communication skills which is mandatory to succeed at universities all overthe world, that includes UK and most European countries, Australia, New Zealand, many Asian countries, the US and Canada.
In effect, the TOEFL test opens doors to 7,500+ institutions in 120 countries.<>/br
The TOEFL (Internet based test) iBT : it is given on preset dates roughly 50 times a year


The TOEFL Paper-based Test (or TOEFL® PBT) is offered in areas where testing via the Internet is not available.


Candidates who are a Non-native English speakers at the grade level of 11th or above then should take the TOEFL. It can be served as an evidence of your English proficiency, before starting academic work.


Benefits of TOEFL

  • TOEFL is mostly preferrred Language proficiency test.
  • As it is in more than 130 countries and round about 7500 institution and universities depend upon this test.
  • It is quite convenients and easily accessible.
  • You may get highlighted while scoring good in TOEFL.
  • It has study materials are easily accessible.
  • TOEFL measures skills academically.


Demonstrates you have the English skills to succeed
TOEFL iBT assess skills that are mandatory for communicating in English. Questions are purely academic and replicate real classroom situations.Thus many universities take it as screening test to assess any candidate coming from different countries across the globe.

Fair and unbiased

TOEFL iBT is known for its fairness and for its quality. All students have similar test-taking experience, and scores are checked anonymously by ETS-certified experts.

Scores speaking tests more fairly

While other speaking tests are judged by one person, TOEFL iBT’s speaking responses are scored by multiple trained raters. How does it work? It’s simple. Instead of an in-person interview with a rater from a local testing site, the TOEFL® test asks you to speak 6 times into a microphone. Your responses are recorded, saved, and scored by several ETS raters. With other tests, your interviewer’s mood can impact your score. If he or she has a bad day, you could earn a score you lower than you deserve. TOEFL’s multiple-rater grading system gives you more opportunities to get a fair evaluation and ensures that your score is reliable.

Feedback in a Flash

You can view your scores online 15 working days after you test, and receive useful feedback on how to improve your skills.


It is important to understand the TOEFL format. There are two forms of the TOEFL today: the paper-based test (PBT) and the internet-based test (iBT). In recent years, almost all countries prefer the iBTformat

The TOEFL-iBT is formatted in four sections.Multiple forms of the test exist and they change often, which helps to prevent cheating, but all of the tests are close to equally difficult.

[vc_column_text] This first section checks your ability to Read English. It is generally based on information that English-speaking students are expected to read and understand.
You will get one hour for reading three passages and answer the questions given. Questions are grouped by paragraph, which saves you some time and makes it easier to find the information you need. You will see some unfamiliar words in this section, but that’s OK–if the word is necessary, and you are not able to understand the word and is related to the topic of the text (not used in normal English), the test may allow you to click on the word and to get a definition.
Each question is worth and have same marks, so don’t get stuck on one question this will waste your time. You will have 20 minutes per passage, including the questions.

[vc_column_text] This section will check your ability to understand both, academic lectures as well as conversations, related to university life. You will have one hour for listening section. Throughout the entire test, you can takes notes as this would be essential as well. You should practice listening and writing at the same time, because the lectures are 3-5 minutes long, and you will not be able to remember all the important points. The conversations will be shorter, but note-taking will still be very helpful. In all you will listen to 4 or 6 lectures and 2 or 3 conversations.
[vc_column_text] Speaking section takes 20 minutes only and is the shortest one. It will involve few topics ,in which you have to give your opinion briefly (you will have up to a minute to speak). There are two questions that you need to read, listen and speak, and two that require you only to listen then speak. In all you have to answer 6 questions in the speaking section.
[vc_column_text] In writing section, there are two tasks you have to complete an integrated task (20 minutes) and an independent task (30 minutes). The independent task is a persuasive essay, which means you should express your point of view. The integrated task will give you an a short extract from a lecture, a short brief from a written article, and a question. Your task will be to combine the information from the lecture with that from the written article in order to answer the question.

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• There are 2 batches for which student can have flexible accessibility.
Every SATURDAY happens to be a Full Length Test (FLT), where students can judge their performance status

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