Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University

Cleveland State University is a publicly funded research university that dates back to its founding in 1964. The main campus of Cleveland State University covers a total area of 85 acres and may be found right in the heart of downtown Cleveland. The graduation debt rates at Cleveland State University are among the lowest in the state, and even lower than the average for the state by over US$2,000. As a consequence of this, the institution has been given the position of having the second lowest graduate debt rates (after graduation) in the state of Ohio. Regarding collaborations, Cleveland State University has formed partnerships with organizations such as NASA, the Cleveland Clinic, General Electric, and a number of other well-known Cleveland-based businesses in order to provide its students with opportunities to gain practical experience in the fields in which they are majoring.

According to US News and World Report’s National University Ranking for 2022, Cleveland State University was ranked between 299 and 391 nationally. This was recorded in the rankings. On the other hand, according to US News and World Report’s ranking of global universities, Cleveland State University was ranked 1408 out of all universities worldwide. As a result of the greater acceptance rates that have been observed over the course of these years, the rankings have improved with time on both a global and a national scale. According to the QS – World University Ranking 2023, Cleveland State University is positioned somewhere in the range of 1201-1400 overall.

At Cleveland State University, students can choose from over 1,000 different classes that fall under one of the university’s 200 authorized areas of study. At Cleveland State University, students can choose from more than 175 undergraduate degree programs and 10 graduate degree programs across eight different colleges in fields such as business, education and   public services, engineering, graduate studies, law, arts and sciences, and health, among others. The College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, the Monte Ahuja College of Business, and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law are the four institutions of Cleveland State University that get the most number of applications from prospective students.

The admission rate for students applying to Cleveland State University for the fall semester of 2021 was reported as 100%, compared to 94% for the year 2020. In the year 2021, the admissions office at Cleveland State University reported that the university had a total enrollment of 16,237 students, of which 1,400 were students     from other countries. There were 45% male students and 55% female pupils in the class. The majority of students were female (55%). One third of the total number of students now enrolled had either been accepted into the graduate school or were currently enrolled in the law school. For the class of 2021, Cleveland Marshall College of Law got a total of 732 applications, out of which it accepted 44% of the students that applied. This is due to the fact that the law school is highly competitive. Visit the Cleveland State University Admissions website for further information.

While attending classes at Cleveland State University, the first-year students are strongly urged to find housing on campus. Only first-year students at Cleveland State University have access to either the Fenn Tower or the Euclid Commons housing facilities. Both of these options are only accessible for the duration of one academic year. In addition to this, there are off-campus accommodation options available, such as the Cleveland State University hostel, rental accommodations, and hotel options. These options are specifically for graduate students, who are unable to be accommodated within the on-campus residences due to space limitations.

There are approximately 140,000 people who have graduated from Cleveland State University, and of these people, 80 percent are currently residing and have made Cleveland their permanent home. Famous people who attended Cleveland State University include: Jane L. Campbell, the first female mayor of Cleveland; ED Feighan, a US Congressman; Johnny Bedford, a wrestler; Norris Cole, the NBA Champion Basketball Player; Cedric Jackson, another NBA Basketball Player; Jerome Caja, a performance artist; Kenneth A. Loparo, a professor of mechanical engineering; Tim Russert, an author and NBC Washington bureau chief; and many more.


When the Cleveland YMCA began offering day and evening classes to kids from low-income families, the foundation for what is now known as Cleveland State University (CSU) was laid. The YMCA’s educational program was restructured and renamed the Association Institute, which ultimately evolved into Fenn College.

Contains 511 qualified members of the teaching staff and almost 17,730 pupils, including more than 1,400 students from other countries.

The institution is home to around two hundred student organizations that fall under the categories of educational, honorary, social, and cultural.

Has partnerships with over 250 commercial, governmental, and higher education entities, some of which include the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, the Cleveland Clinic Base, and NASA Glenn Science Center.

Fenn College’s campus, academic program, and faculty were absorbed into Cleveland State University when it first opened its doors as a state-supported educational institution. The Higher Learning Commission has granted the institution accreditation at the present time (HLC).


The United States is home to a number of institutions that are ranked highly in other countries, and Cleveland State University is one of those universities. The US News Ranking 2022 places the University of Cleveland between positions 299 and 391 among national universities and 1408 among global universities. Because of this, Cleveland will become the highest-ranked university in the United States. This particular university now provides more than two hundred various types of postgraduate, undergraduate, and other certification programs for students interested in a variety of fields. Also, read about the classes at Cleveland State University.

The Cleveland State University ranking falls somewhere between 1201 and 1400 in the QS World University Ranking 2023 list. The ranking of Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States, is anywhere between 251 and 300. It boasts the best student-to-faculty ratio, which is 10:1, making it the finest option. The ranking of Cleveland University for 2022 has also been announced by the Times Higher Education, and the publication claims that the university falls within the range of 401 and 500 in the United States. In the year 2021, the Cleveland score is between 501 and 600. Check out the Cleveland State University Admission website for more information if you are an international student interested in studying in Cleveland.

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