CAIPS stands for “Computer power-assisted Immigration process System”. It’s automatic data processing system employed by all Canadian visa Offices/Consulates to process visa applications. This method is being superseded by new GCMS system. Its processed record of all visa applications as well as remarks and interviews if taken by embassy in past outside North American country. CAIPS/GCMS is for any form of North American country visa applications created outside of North American country.

Over years of expertise Caips file has developed associate degree skilled conductive team partitioning advanced application queries and providing solutions in an exceedingly customized manner. We have a tendency to perceive however necessary it’s for you to urge a Visa.

This means Caips file is at your service, for candidates UN agency applied for any form of visa and were refused, candidates awaiting updates on their application since durable, candidates UN agency received request for associate degree interview as a result of any reasons or just in case if CIC / Canadian embassy has requested further documents to review your application or to get medical records. Altogether these cases you ought to have faith in applying for CAIPS/FOSS/GCMS notes report. These notes area unit extremely helpful gives candidate an explicit plan of their application standing. Supported these notes you’ll be able to determine on potentialities to urge your application processed with success. Caips file team member is well licensed with ICCRC membership and might act as a licensed legal adviser.

Caips service is specifically for whenever application is refused because of any reason, general refusal letter listing is handed over to the individual. This makes it troublesome to understand the precise reason for refusal of the appliance. Caips offers details on what all documents were taken into thought and the way was the choice reached, significantly why visa officer refused the appliance. On receiving caips notes, it offers you a close rationalization regarding your rejection and regarding the documents /information or parts needed for obtaining visa.


Students refused some place because of many reasons visit our workplace for this specialized service section .Our re-application body workers is totally committed in reviewing the explanations for refusal and study the client’s complete profile in accordance to the principles and rules. On complete review, points which require special attention square measure highlighted and re-application is ready with special attention on all the points. The goal is to induce visa with success.

Appeals & Reviews

Many times applications square measure refused as they lack correct presentation. With ability of presenting Associate in nursing application in correct manner to visa officer the possibilities of visa are often improved. For several countries, there’s provision of appeals and review just in case if the appliance is refused. This could be either just in case of student or immigration visa. We tend to analyze the case totally and develop doable gaps in presentation adhering to the laws needed for visa.