Anti Fraud Policy

Payment to GlobEDwise

It is complete right on the part of our customers who make any payment to us should ask for the receipt of the payment for their own record.  GlobEDwise is complete focused related to the issuance of all payment receipts to our trusted set of clients. An acknowledgment of payment is being issued by GlobEDwise through our high-end technical system. In case of facing any issue regarding acceptance of receipt, you can e-mail us any point of time to get proper support from our side.


Payments Being Made to Staff of GlobEDwise

It is being observed that some of the employees get into a personal set of contact with clients in order to provide a special set of reference in terms of overall procedure, documentation or anything against a sum of payment. We at GlobEDwise do not this act of fraud as we only ask the payment as a company. In case, any of the employees of our company asks for an additional fee from your side, then it advised to lodge a complaint against that employee with our management and strict action will be taken. In case, you enter an agreement on personal terms with any of our employee in exchange of any free, then GlobEDwise is not liable into that agreement and we will not be held responsible for any consequences.


Reference to Vendors by GlobEDwise Staff

Please note that we do not take any responsibility for you availing any service of vendors suggested by any of our employees. This is not permitted on our part to give any reference regarding overseas education service as we are competent enough to provide best in class advice and service. We will not be held responsible at times of you availing service of any vendor and paid any price for the same.

Fraud in Terms of Documentation

GlobEDwise does not accept the fraudulent act of submitting false documents from your side as your case will be rejected. We accept the cases of clients based on the documents that they submit to us which we held as true. Your case will be rejected by us if you provide us false documents or any incorrect information into it.

GlobEDwise does not involve in the act of providing any documentation to any of our clients as we deal in helping you list out the important papers you are required to submit. We assume that all the documents that you submit to us are complete and correct.

GlobEDwise works on the principle of accepting your case based out of your correct documents submit to us. We do not support the illegal practice of any our employee provides any sort of documents to you. In case of any such happening or being refused entry into a foreign country, we ask you to take following points in mind:

  • Do not get into any agreement with any of our employee who says that forged documents will let you enter into a foreign country and pursue higher education. In such cases, not just your application will be rejected and you will face further charges and allegations by Indian authorities.
  • It is advised from our side with the medium of Anti-Fraud policy that does not get into the act of our misleading employee who says that he/she will speed up the documentation process for fast Visa availability in return of any financial favor or any gain. Fastening of visa process can only be done by respective Visa authorities belong to a particular country.
  • If you meet any of the people pretending to be visa officer and come into contact with you with our reference, then note that this is a case of fraud. Please, note that legitimate visa officers do not contact your personally either by phone or any face to face conversation. Do not entangle into their trap of giving them money for speeding up the whole visa process.
  • Do not get fooled by any fake websites that pretend to be official government portal for visa services. Always cross check the website links.
  • Do not trust on the false claim of getting overseas job on a handsome salary as there is no such thing like that. Think carefully before actually submitting your passport, money and other such relevant documents in the hands of imposters.


Beware of fraud or crooked staff that ensures you to get all the process done by fake documentation. There is no such thing like that is followed. Involving into any illegal activity like this let you get caught and restrict entry into any foreign country.

Countries like UK, US and Canada generally works on the principle of only accepting genuine and correct documents for visitors, students and work immigrants. They do not accept any kind of abuse to the system or any kind of forged documentation. We advise you not to get involved in such act of forged documents as you visa will be rejected and might receive 10 years visa band respect to particular countries. Immigration departments of such countries have effective running systems to detect any fraud or wrong doing that may heavily levied upon you.

Visa fraud or any misleading information is not all accepted in India and in other foreign countries. Doing this will let you face dire consequences of not just visa rejection but also legal action will be taken against you.

Overseas Education Consultant

We at GlobEDwise fully indulged in providing trusted and necessary abroad education assistance to aspiring students. With our help, one can make a best decision to plan which country to go for and which course to opt for. We have a team of skilled and fully experienced counselors that fully study your profile first and then suggest possible educational opportunities abroad. With our assistance, one can pile up the necessary overseas education documents and submit the same without going anywhere else. We also help you in terms of understanding laws, culture and other conditions prevailed in a respective country that allow you to experience hassle free staying pleasure to

the fullest.