Course Selection is one of the first and most important aspects of planning for education abroad.

According to our statistics and experience, Wrong course selection is the No.1 reason for Visa Rejection.

It is often overlooked by many students and education consultants.

Our Counsellors at Globedwise with their 25 years of experience in education industry help you choose the right course for you to make your career smooth and your dream to study abroad a reality.

Choose Course and University

Getting admitted into your dream college can be an uphill task but, Globedwise takes care of all the requirements for meeting the university criteria.

So, that you can focus on your career.

Life after School can be both pivotal and challenging for students at the same time as the students have to choose a career which will be with them for whole life.

Our team at Globedwise conducts special seminar sessions for students so that the students can make informed decisions towards the career path which is right for them.

We help you choose

  • Right College
  • Right Career
  • The right path towards your aim.

Obtaining admission in a good postgraduate degree can be a big ask in India because of very high competition. We can help you get

We can help you get admission in one of the most prestigious courses overseas.

Making the Visa Officer believe that you are a genuine candidate and are financially sound is the most important in your application for a student visa.

We help you

  • Complete visa application
  • Complete Documentation
  • Make your Statement of Purpose
  • Enroll in Student GIC program

Deciding whether to study overseas can be really problematic, when you think of things like leaving your family, friends, and relatives, getting out of comfort zone of the house and no longer to be pampered by everyone. Despite such personal losses that for a short while, you have a number of gains for the upcoming future when finally decide to take up abroad studies.

  • Best Chance to Explore Unknown Frontiers of Abroad: One of the reasons as for why you should consider study overseas is the best chance to explore a foreign destination with its new customs, activities and all new outlooks. While studying in an internationally recognized place, you have the opportunity to see where natural wonders, museums and other tourist attractions beyond the reach of many people.
  • Global Set of Education: By enrolling yourself for overseas study program means acquiring a global set of skills and knowledge being taught in a completely different scenario and study material. This is the best way to understand the level of education abroad and their way of teaching and several other psychological skills.
  • Improve Language: One of the biggest advantages your get is a gradual improvement of language skills. Staying in a completely different environment with foreigners all around gives you the chance of shaping language in terms of speaking, vocabulary and other relevant skills.
  • Know More about Yourself: Studying away from home country is a brilliant chance to explore you out. Living alone in the vicinity of unknown people let you know about your strength and weakness and give you the ability to face difficult circumstances with ease and comfort.
  • Unforgettable Experience: Overall studying abroad will give you the experience which is hard to forget in life. You can create a whole lot of memories of abroad study that gives you sheer happiness and joy.
  • An Education Abroad can really boost your CV and also open new opportunities and avenues for you.

At globEDwise we strongly believe in providing students, wide education opportunities with all the essential information on existing options to assist you to make informed decisions. Our competency in this field of overseas education is unparalleled which made us a reliable resource in helping students to get admission in suitable courses in recognized universities in USA, Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand,  Malaysia and many other countries.

• Excellent and Certified team with full of knowledge, complete understanding, experience & international exposure.
• Impartial selection of universities as per the eligibility and capability of the student.
• One stop solution to make convenient service with right guidelines.
• Our Services comprises of all the associated activities in the walk to study abroad
• Very high Visa success rate across all countries.
• Your convenience is our responsibility.
• With decades of experience, our results come quicker, faster and we are a renowned & reliable service provider.
• We ensure that our experts meet your requirements.
• We ensure that the visa process is handled carefully and without any lags.
• We will acknowledge the needs of the clients and will surely cater the best outcomes to help to study abroad.
• We will ensure that the students are enrolled in the best college/university.
• The client remains satisfied and we ensure that everything from admission to visa process is taken care by us.
• Our major concern is to make the visa process an easy affair for all clients.
• Not only this, we will also be present for the Post Graduate Work Permit and Permanent Residence assistance, if the clients need it.
• We educate our clients about the student life in different countries and how to acquire work while studying there.


Canada EXpress Entry

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Australian p.R.

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EB-5 Program

EB-5 is a program for foreign nationals to obtain a green card by investing.

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Canada Business – Investment Visa

Investing can get you, permanent residency in Canada.

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Australia Business-Investment Visa

Investing can get you permanent residency for you and your family.

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International English Language Testing System

IELTS that stands for International English Language Testing System is a language proficiency test mandatory for those who like to take up admission in any of the university in countries like Canada, UK, USA, Australia or New Zealand. Passing this test prove your effectiveness in the English language which is mandatory to speak and understand properly in the above-mentioned nations.

IELTS that includes four modules like Writing, Listening, Speaking and Reading tests your ability to do all the mentioned things in an appropriate manner or not.

GlobEDwise can be your trusted partner to make your dreams come true and assist you at every single step including providing proper help related to IELTS. We fully understand how important is to score well in this language testing exam that forms the basis of your overseas university admission. Every year when around 1.4 million applicants attempt for this exam with hope in their heart to score well, necessary support of professional expert is required to prepare the same in a best manner.

We at GlobEDwise conduct highly professional IELTS sessions that consist of all the four requirements of exam i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. A faculty experienced professionals we have let you prepare well for all the four modules.

For the reference, the very reason why you should prepare for IELTS with GlobEDwise is because of the following:

  • We offer fully customized IELTS training program to aspiring students as per their matching time schedule, duration and financial reach.
  • Training sessions of IELTS conducted inside GlobEDwise have state of the art architecture with fine looking classroom and efficient library facilities.
  • Faculty at GlobEDwise has years of experience and knowledge to let you best prepare for the exam.
  • Updated study curriculum is followed inside the institute.
  • Previous year questions paper and relevant study material are provided to students.
  • Regular mock tests are conducted to check the skill, strength and weakness of students.
  • Special attention is being given to share personal feedback.
  • Fast track batches are also conducted in special cases for students.
  • Weekend batches are also available.
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We provide different types of visas

  • Visitor Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Student Visa


When chasing your own dream, how about getting a helping hand from someone who always keeps you positive and up for fighting all odds.

Mayur Warshney

After lot of persuasion from my friends to apply for Australian immigration, I appeared for IETLS and successfully scored 7.5 (29th June), giving me 10 additional points. 

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Thanks for your support and guidance in receiving the Australian PR. We are highly delighted with your services and are happy to refer you to anyone who is looking forward for such services.

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